Magic by John Derris

Days of Wine and Magic Book
Days of Wine and Magic
Book by John Derris - $40.00

This book is not for the specialist magician. The cardist, mentalist etc. It is aimed at the average club magician with basic knowledge of magic and the desire to be a better performer therefore has wide market appeal. It is not a book of fine technique but is concerned more with...

Book by John Derris - $40.00

You're good at magic. You handle your effects and routines pretty well. Your shows get a good response. There's nothing fundamentally wrong and yet in your heart you know that your magic performance could be better. There's something missing ... the X factor that big name magicians bask in, with...

Come a Little Closer Book
Come a Little Closer
Book by John Derris - $29.95

A book of Magic Greats! Magic by Alex Elmsley, Jack Avis, Roy Walton, Bobby Bernard, Ted Danson, and John Derris. This book includes all the effects that were first described in the small 1953 publication called Come A Little Closer plus 19 never-before published items. Material includes True Grit...