Magic by Jose Morales

21 (Shin Lim) DVD
21 (Shin Lim)
DVD by Shin Lim, Jose Morales and Donald Carlson - $29.95

Produced by Shin Lim, this collaboration between Jose Morales, Donald Carlson, and Shin Lim features 21 impromptu effects. It's a unique collection of effects with three artists which have different styles and approaches to card magic, but the general vibe is visual, difficult card magic. ...

The Vault - Self Levitation 2 Magic download (video)
The Vault - Self Levitation 2
Magic download (video) by Jose Morales - $10.00

Even before Daedalus and Icarus, man has dreamed of taking flight. Now Shin Lim and Paul Harris teach you how to defy gravity in a limited form in Self Levitation! Join these two luminaries as they teach you the basics of the the Balducci Levitation, famously featured by David Blaine...

Titan Deck Deck of cards
Titan Deck
Deck of cards by Jose Morales - $10.00

Limited Edition playing cards designed around Greek and Roman themes. Ancient meets luxury as these cards were made to last for Magicians and Flourishers. Striking Golds, Intricate details, as well as the simplicity of the box all come together as one. Made on a luxury stock...