Magic by Lee Earle

The Spirit Guide Book
The Spirit Guide
Book by Lee Earle - $125.00

Nowhere in the annals of mentalism has a revelation of such depth been offered to the magic and mentalism/bizarre field. Lee Earle is sharing his...

SYZYGY 1-6 Hardbound Book
SYZYGY 1-6 Hardbound
Book by Lee Earle - $125.00

There are very few publications that can legitimately claim they have altered the way Mentalism is presented; SYZYGY is one of them. Editor Lee Earle...

Syzygy Book
Book by Lee Earle - $169.50 $128.82 (SAVE $40.68)

SYZYGY - The First Five Volumes is the most important Mentalism book of the new millennium and qualifies for instant inclusion on everyone's...

Word Work Trick
Word Work
Trick by Lee Earle and Larry Becker - $65.00 $49.40 (SAVE $15.60)

A walk-around book test that's repeatable and puzzling, too! WordWork - They just think of a crossword puzzle clue (ie. "39 Across; 9 letters; 'a...

Veracity Trick
Trick by Lee Earle and Larry Becker - $35.00 $26.60 (SAVE $8.40)

A Lie Detector in a Card Case EffectYour participant shuffles and spreads the deck face down then slides out one card for himself. He divides the...

Q & A Teach-In Volume 2: Superscript DVD
Q & A Teach-In Volume 2: Superscript
DVD by Lee Earle - $34.95 $26.56 (SAVE $8.39)

SuperScript is the ideal solution for performing a Question and Answer routine based on a believable premise: graphology and handwriting...

InformatiCard Trick
Trick by Lee Earle - $49.50

Incredibly Easy Mindreading - Close-Up, Platform, or stage. InformatiCard works with your own gift cards, loyalty cards, frequent...