Magic by Magiclism

Dancing Vanishing Cane Trick
Dancing Vanishing Cane
Trick by Magiclism - $39.95

DVC - Dancing Vanishing Cane By Marco Ko MAGICLISM Production A superb twist, a fascinating end to the classic dancing cane routine. Imagine you can immediately transform your dancing cane into silk or confetti! A perfect ending to your routine. You can also color change or multiply...

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Gingerbread Man Trick
Gingerbread Man
Trick by Magiclism - $29.95

A new twist of the Okito Voodoo Doll effect! Comes with different variation of presentation and method. Brand new look Positive image Complete & Multi-phase Routines Suitable for All Ages audience Examinable No thread, no magnet, no sleight, no...

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