Magic by Paul Hallas

Card Magic For The Enthusiast Book
Card Magic For The Enthusiast
Book by Paul Hallas - $25.00

Enthusiastic yet? Welcome back to another compelling compilation of clever card conjuring for the card magic enthusiast. This book is not intended for beginners, as some knowledge of card magic is already expected. But there is nothing contained to bust your knuckles. It's guaranteed that the card...

Small But Deadly Book
Small But Deadly
Book by Paul Hallas - $35.00

This book is the ultimate consumer's guide to packet tricks. As such, it can save you both time and money. It will point you in the direction of some of the greatest packet tricks ever created. If you are interested in close-up magic you will find this book an essential reference. In fact, if you...

O.O.P.S. Magic and Mentalism Book
O.O.P.S. Magic and Mentalism
Book by Paul Hallas - $29.95

A fun collection of over fifty magic and mentalism effects and ideas, shared in an easy-to-read style. Some you will be performing these almost instantly, others may require easily obtainable props or props you may already have or can create. Some of the non-card items previously appeared in...

Hare Raising Hats (Parlor Size) Trick
Hare Raising Hats (Parlor Size)
Trick by Paul Hallas - $20.00

An animal production you can perform in restaurants! An ideal card routine for children and family groups. This is an adorable card trick where you produce rabbits from hats, make one of the hats completely disappear, and close with a production of a bunch of baby rabbits. Everything...

O.O.P.S. Just Cards Book
O.O.P.S. Just Cards
Book by Paul Hallas - $29.95

OOPS Just Cards contains over 40 card tricks that amuse, amaze and cause jaws to drop! It always entertains, as the author (a professional entertainer) puts his own spin not only on classic plots, but on some that are more obscure. "Love your take on my 'Eight of Diamonds Trick' and...

Magic from the Overground Book
Magic from the Overground
Book by Paul Hallas - $40.00

Paul Hallas, the best-selling author of Small But Deadly and the Mindful Mentalism series is back with his best book yet. His new book is a compilation of his favorite effects from the past 25 years. Some have appeared in print in limited edition booklets and magazines (some obscure), some are...