The Truth Behind The Erdnase Magic Store

Looks like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Erdnase Magic Store has all the latest magic tricks - often before they come out. When you want to learn magic tricks, or learn card tricks, rather than charging you the amount a legitimate magic shop charge, charges just a couple of bucks. How? Why? is a scam website. Do not buy from them.

The Erdnase Magic Store is an online store that claims to sell authentic magic products. However, it is run by criminals, and all of the products being sold on the store are actually pirated copies of popular magic tricks and PDFs of magic books.

The issue of piracy in magic is not a new one. Through the history of card tricks, there has been piracy. Many magicians have fallen victim to piracy, where their original tricks and illusions have been copied and sold without their permission. Piracy not only hurts the original creator of the trick, but it also hurts the magic community as a whole. The art of magic relies on creativity and innovation, and piracy stifles that creativity.

Buying pirated magic tricks and mentalism also undermines the hard work and dedication that goes into creating original sleight-of-hand. Magicians spend years coming up with new and innovative ideas. When their work is stolen and sold without permission, it devalues their efforts and makes it difficult for them to continue creating new material. So many creators have said they now have stopped releasing effects because as soon as they do, they are pirated.

The Erdnase Magic Store has received backlash from the magic community for selling pirated tricks. also wrote about erdnase magic store here and offers advice to authors and publishers. Many magicians have spoken out against the store and have urged others not to support them. It is important to support legitimate magic creators and retailers who are committed to promoting creativity and innovation in the magic community. If you don’t, magic will simply stop being created. If you are a creator, but have seen your income drop to a fraction of what it used to be, you really have no option than to stop creating and move into another line of work.

The issue of piracy in magic is a serious one that should not be taken lightly. The Erdnase Magic Store and other piracy websites undermine the hard work and creativity of magicians. As a community, we should support legitimate creators and retailers and work to promote the value of originality and creativity in magic. Sure, they may have all the popular mentalism tricks, but at what cost to the community?