Magic by Sparks

Airborne with the Greatest of Ease Trick
Airborne with the Greatest of Ease
Trick by Sparks - $24.95 NOW $18.96 (SAVE $5.99)

One of the finest and simplest of stage illusions... the floating glass!   While talking to the audience, the performer casually pours liquid from a bottle held in his right hand into a glass held in his left hand. Suddenly, he releases the glass... but it doesn't fall! That's...

Bullet Catch 22 Trick
Bullet Catch 22
Trick by Sparks - $22.00 NOW $16.72 (SAVE $5.28)

 The most dangerous trick in the world!!!  "It`s a wonderful idea and a clever trick."- Paul Harris - EFFECT:  You display a bullet. Then, while demonstrating the danger of holding a lit match under the bullet, "BANG!" the bullet fires, your head jerks back, and you're shocked!...

Champagne Surprise trick Trick
Champagne Surprise trick
Trick by Sparks - $14.95

EFFECT:  This is the most elegant way to vanish and reproduce a borrowed bill in the world! You borrow a bill, remove one corner, and hand this back to the spectator. Now, from a brown paper bag you remove a bottle of champagne and proceed to blow the bag up. Once the bag is full and ready to...

Salty Bandit - G Sparks Trick
Salty Bandit - G Sparks
Trick by Sparks - $45.00 NOW $34.20 (SAVE $10.80)

Here is a definite Sparks' classic! His "zombie" trick is performed with an ordinary object: a salt shaker. The included foulard is made from a traditional bandit-style bandanna, hence the story line about "Sal Bandito", the salt shaker who is a bandit. This bandit must later hide out, under a...