Magic by Stephen Leathwaite

Spiral Principle and Beyond Magic download (video)
Spiral Principle and Beyond
Magic download (video) by Stephen Leathwaite - $9.95

Spiral PrincipleThe Spiral Principle is a new concept in magic that allows you to perform miracles with a borrowed deck of cards. Imagine having a spectator shuffle, freely select a card then lose it back into the deck. Without doing anything you instantly know what their card is and it's location...

The Butterfly Pass DVD
The Butterfly Pass
DVD by Stephen Leathwaite - $49.95

For 15 years Stephen Leathwaite has dedicated himself to creating a nuanced pass. For the first time, Stephen will teach you step by step exactly how to execute his Butterfly Pass. Also included are 10 other passes and 15 tricks, variations and tips.  Contents: ...

Lethal Weapons DVD
Lethal Weapons
DVD by Stephen Leathwaite - $29.99

This is Lethal Weapons, a collection of hard hitting routines from the amazing Stephen Leathwaite. Running at nearly two and a half hours, this DVD features seven routines that hit hard and pack a punch! Disposable Stephen's amazing vanishing lighter routine. Borrow a lighter, light a cigarette...

Trick by Stephen Leathwaite - $110.00

With PSYBORG you will be able to perform high impact, direct mentalism and know the unknowable. PSYBORG needs no forces, is fully customizable and allow unlimited presentational possibilities. Devious electronic gimmicks with seven routines, additional handlings, bonus content,...