Magic by Tim Sonefelt

Do you know Tim Sonefelt? You should! Not only was he the first performer to be selected as South Carolina’s Magician of the Year, but he has been a leader in the field of Children’s Magic as an author, creator, lecturer and conference organizer.

Tim has perfected the art of silk printing and has created dozens of routines, and the beautiful custom silks necessary to perform them, for the magic community. Have you heard of Creativity at Sea, the Family Entertainers Magic Cruise? It was Tim’s idea. His philosophy and approach to magic at schools, libraries and churches have been published in M-U-M and the KIDabra Journal. He’s also shared his ideas, live, through his lectures in the United States, Canada and England.

If you’re a performer who is looking for wholesome, easy-to-do, original, family-friendly routines for your show, you will enjoy exploring, purchasing and performing the many products -- routines that will be a sure-fire success in your show -- by Tim Sonefelt.

Thought Bubbles Accessory
Thought Bubbles
Accessory by Tim Sonefelt - $49.95

What if your audience could see what you're thinking?  Now they can with Wonder Imagery's Thought Bubbles. Someone makes a funny comment - the audience sees you thinking "LOL!" Someone takes a photo of you - everyone sees you thinking "I'm on Facebook!" You have someone pick a card...