Magic by Whit Haydn

Street Magic Book Book
Street Magic Book
Book by Whit Haydn - $19.95

Thirty-six pages of fascinating accounts from Whit Haydn's street performing career during the 1960s and '70s-including stories from the streets of New York, Washington, DC, London, and Paris.Whit explains how his philosophy of magic changed through his experiences and gives the first in-depth...

Notes on Three Card Monte Book
Notes on Three Card Monte
Book by Whit Haydn - $35.00

Whit Haydn and Chef Anton's Notes on Three Card Monte is by far the most comprehensive book ever written on the history, psychology and sleights on this classic swindle. Whit and Chef also explore the games application to magic and include the School for Scoundrels complete three-card monte...

Notes on Fast & Loose Book
Notes on Fast & Loose
Book by Whit Haydn - $35.00

The 44-page booklet that Darwin Ortiz has stated as "the definitive work" on the endless chain scam. A must-have for anyone interested in performing this classic swindle, Chef Anton and Whit Haydn detail the history, psychology and applications to magic in this fully-illustrated booklet.

Mongolian Pop-Knot book Book
Mongolian Pop-Knot book
Book by Whit Haydn - $15.00

EffectWhit Haydn`s comedy cut and restored rope routine, The Mongolian Pop-Knot, was developed on the street corners of NewYork in the late 1960`s. Like his famous comedy routine with the linking rings, this routine of Whit`s has become a standard. The routine flows from section to section, with...