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Reader of Minds! Magic download (ebook)
Reader of Minds!
Magic download (ebook) by Paul Kevin Bell - $25.00

It's time to upgrade your mentalism show and become a true Reader of Minds! After years working with "shut eye" mediums and clairvoyants, Voodini is here to show you how to perform gimmickless mind-reading, without the billet switches, center tears, electronic gimmickry, and stooges. Your show...

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Symbol Minded Trick
Symbol Minded
Trick by Mark Strivings - $39.95

Symbol Minded is an incredible mentalism routine with no forcing, memorization, calculation or sleight of hand. Interested? In this easy-to-do routine, you show 30 picture cards and have one selected. You then give them a card with all thirty symbols on it and your business card on the back and...

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Psychophysiological Thought Reading Book
Psychophysiological Thought Reading
Book by Banachek - $39.95

NOW BACK IN STOCK!!!Literally two books in one! On one side of this 180-page hardcover is a reprint of H.J. Burlingame's 1907 paperback release How to Read People's Minds which includes some history on muscle reading and how it works along with a fascinating section on training your dog to read...

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