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Here’s our list of articles we’re writing for people that want to learn magic tricks. If you want to learn card tricks we’ve got you covered.

Obviously there’s a lot more to learn about performing magic than just the sleight of hand. If you want to put on a magic show like David Blaine, Justin Willman or Dynamo or other professional magicians you need to work on so much more. Your character, your script, your blocking, your audience management. But all that will come with time. Right now, let’s get you started on some step by step tricks to learn. Here’s a list of all the information you’ll need to get started performing magic tricks. Now, don’t be put off that some of them appear to be easy magic tricks at first. Many professional magicians still do easy tricks from time to time. It helps remind you that the real skill in magic is the performance, not the trick.

Free Magic Tricks

We’ve put together some amazing free magic downloads. We recommend you start with Paul Wilson’s 10x10 download. Over 80 minutes, you’ll learn 10 sleight of hand moves and 10 tricks to perform using those moves. It’s a perfect starting place. If you’d rather watch an amazing show, the download Woody Aragon’s one man show - recorded live at The Session.

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We work closely with some of the best magic creators and magicians in the world. Here’s a small selection of our partners:

Vanishing Inc. magicians

About Vanishing Inc. Magic

Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay

Ten years ago, two professional magicians and best friends, Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay decided to try and open an online magic shop with a difference. A magic shop that puts customers front and center. A magic website that focuses on outstanding customer service. A store for professionals and beginners that customers could trust and rely on to deliver the best magic tricks, at the best price, with the fastest, free shipping. And Vanishing Inc. Magic was born. Now, it’s one of the largest online magic stores in the world and has staff as far apart as Sussex, Vietnam and New York. We look forward to helping you on your journey to become a better magician.

We promise to make you a great magician

Everyone that works here at Vanishing Inc. Magic is a magician. We’ve all been where you are now. Wanting to learn magic. Here are our promises. We’ll always tell you the truth about a magic trick, book or download. We really just have one aim here. To teach you how to perform magic well. To understand why you do a certain move at a certain time. To explain the history behind an effect. Magic has been around for a long time and we all are standing on the shoulders of giants. We promise that if you ask us a question about a trick or book, we’ll answer honestly. We want to make you a better magician. And that starts with telling you the truth. We’re not going to promise you overnight success, riches, instant appeal to the opposite sex or anything like that.

You’re going to need to work if you want to become a good magician. It’s not easy. But you’re in the right place to start learning magic.

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