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Miracle AC-AN DVD
Miracle AC-AN
DVD by Hanson Bomb - $22.50

NONO, a great Taiwanese magician, has released a DVD of his amazing stunts in 2011 (only available in Taiwan). He spent 2.5 years to create this...

SynchroniCity ESP system Trick
SynchroniCity ESP system
Trick by Marc Salem and Richard Mark - $45.00

A mentalist tool that will serve you time and time again. These beautiful and unmarked post cards of exotic locations printed for this ESP system...

QZ Trick
Trick by Mark Salem and Richard Mark - $45.00

QZ is a professional comedy routine and a new version of a versatile mentalism device. The possibilities are hard hitting, interesting and will...

793.8 Book
Book by Jeff Stone - $39.95

Presentation is where it's at. The connection between you and the audience is the true source of real magic. Gone are the "Put and Take" so...

Crystal Prediction Chips - Limited Edition Trick
Crystal Prediction Chips - Limited Edition
Trick by Merlins - $55.00

Six different coloured chips are removed from a turned dark wood box along with a crystal disk. The chips are laid on the table and the magician...

Psych Out Mentalist Tricks Magic download (ebook)
Psych Out Mentalist Tricks
Magic download (ebook) by Marc Oberon - $23.00

Pure Mind Manipulation - force colors, places, names, landmarks... This brand new item features a technique for a cast-iron out for...

NumberTized Trick
Trick by Lee Earl - $75.00

"Some people enjoy playing the lottery so much that they will exercise almost any opportunity to bet their favorite picks." Continuing, the...

New Koornwinder Kar Trick
New Koornwinder Kar
Trick by Dick Koornwinder - $35.00

Many professional magicians consider this unique effect to be a masterpiece of powerful magic. It is so magnificent, however, that numerous...

3510 Book
Book by Luke Jermay - $50.00

INTRODUCTION [Excerpt] As I write the introduction to this book I am on a flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. I am presented with exactly...

InformatiCard Trick
Trick by Lee Earle - $49.50

Incredibly Easy Mindreading - Close-Up, Platform, or stage. InformatiCard works with your own gift cards, loyalty cards, frequent...

The Chapters of Marc Spelmann DVD
The Chapters of Marc Spelmann
DVD by Marc Spelmann - $100.00

The Unknown, The Stranger, The Acquaintance, The Initiated These discs have been unavailable for the last six months and since their...

Sheer Luck - The Comedy Book Test DVD & props
Sheer Luck - The Comedy Book Test
DVD & props by Shawn Farquhar - $80.00

Shawn Farquhar, FISM Grand Prix World Champion of Magic, performs and explains in detail an effect that has been used in his show since 2011 when...

T-REX Book
Book by Ran Pink - $60.00

What mentalists are saying about T-REX: I really do like T-REX and have used it regularly over the last year. It is indeed excellent and...

Modern Mentalism - Volumes 1 and 2 DVD
Modern Mentalism - Volumes 1 and 2
DVD by Matt Mello - $30.00 each

Modern Mentalism is a collection of 14 effects from the mind of Matt Mello, spanning 2 volumes. It is one of the few DVDs on the market that appeals...

The Vault by Docc Hilford DVD
The Vault by Docc Hilford
DVD by Docc Hilford - $38.50

The name Docc Hilford is infamous when it comes to real world mentalism. On this two DVD set Docc takes you into The Vault where he reveals for the...

The Dwarfs DVD
The Dwarfs
DVD by Stefan Olschewski - $35.00

Four randomly selected spectators... Three fair choices... One amazing killer prediction... Get ready for "The Dwarfs"! ...

Foresight DVD
DVD by Oliver Smith - $34.95

If magic and mentalism made a baby, this would be it! Foresight is a powerful fusion between magic and mentalism by our friend, Oliver...

Liquid Metal DVD
Liquid Metal
DVD by Morgan Strebler - $29.95

Everyone has heard stories of unique people who can bend metal through extreme concentration, but nobody seems to know for certain that it...

Challenge Magic DVD
Challenge Magic
DVD by Richard Osterlind - $24.95

Richard Osterlind's Challenge Magic, first released in 1990, was a landmark video in many ways. In addition to being twice as long as most magic...

Lunch Is Served Book
Lunch Is Served
Book by Various - $24.95

Sixty different routines compiled by Paul Romhany and TC Tahoe, with additional routines by eighteen other magicians from around the world,...

49 Seconds - The Memory Routine of Luke Jermay  Book
49 Seconds - The Memory Routine of Luke Jermay
Book by Luke Jermay - $20.00

Luke Jermay, consultant for Criss Angel's Mind Freak show and Derren Brown's Tricks of the Mind has just released a piece from his personal...

In My Mind 2 DVD
In My Mind 2
DVD by Luca Volpe - $25.00

After the success of IN MY MIND, Luca Volpe has returned with more fascinating routines from his professional repertoire! IN MY MIND 2 is a...

Monster Mentalism (4 DVD Set) DVD
Monster Mentalism (4 DVD Set)
DVD by Docc Hilford - $29.95 each

Contemporary mentalism can be as fun and exciting as a hot night at a drive-in movie. The giant screen portrays regular people, leading mundane lives...

Simply Psychic DVD
Simply Psychic
DVD by Ross Johnson - $15.00

Simply Psychic is an introduction to mental magic on DVD, from the art's finest practitioner - Ross Johnson. Imagine reaching inside...

Mental XL DVD
Mental XL
DVD by Pascal de Clermont - $10.00

Pascal de Clermont is known worldwide as one of the top performing mentalists. This DVD is designed to get you introduced to some basic...

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