What's Coming Up Next from Vanishing Inc. Magic?

This is the time of year when we, as people and as a business, look back to reflect on the past year and then look forward to the next one. Let us give you a few highlights.

We're honored and pleased to say that 2013 was a great year for Vanishing Inc. Magic. Josh and Andi maintained busy performing schedules AND made time for the (very) full-time responsibilities of Vanishing Inc. Magic.

Josh released Inferno, which was among the highest-selling and most critically-acclaimed tricks of 2013 (it's currently high up in the polls for "Trick of the Year" on the Magic Cafe). Personally, Josh did a close-up theater tour in China, performed and lectured throughout Europe, and performed for former President Clinton.

And this was the year Andi Gladwin took to the stage! You know Andi as a creative and accomplished close-up performer, but in 2013 Andi made several high profile gala performances and headlined his own stage show. He has also performed and lectured at more conventions than ever before; setting the tone for a busy 2014 of conventions. And, both Josh and Andi performed in Washington for President Obama's Inauguration.

Vanishing Inc. Magic also welcomed lots of new faces to the site, carrying on the tradition of working with top-notch creators. John Guastaferro, Bizzaro, Bizau Christian, Jared Kopf, Yannick Chretien, Kim Wist, Michael Kras, Chris Rawlins, John Carey, and Michael Brewer all starred in original downloads.

We released two books—Confident Deceptions by Jason Ladanye and What Lies Inside by Florian Severin. And, Glance by Steve Thompson is, without ANY doubt, the best book test we've ever seen, and we were proud to produce it.

So what about 2014?

Coming up FAST are the two conventions we run. First up is The Session, in the UK, which is presently almost totally sold out. We're excited about Bebél, Guy Hollingworth, and John Guastaferro's return appearance.

Then it's the Columbus Magi-Fest: Tamariz, Weber, Williamson, Zabrecky, Giobbi, and just about every other great performer you can think of. This lineup is turning heads all over the world, and we can't wait to unveil some more big surprises.

2014 will also see the release of UNREAL, a four-disc set of DVDs on our own Joshua Jay's work, produced by Luis de Matos. You know the beautiful EMC sets on Dani Daortiz, David Williamson, and René Lavand? Well, a big one of those is coming starring Joshua Jay. It will contain his entire one-man show, a full disc of unpublished material, and all his favorite routines from previous books and articles. This was two years in the making, and it should come out on May 1 or before.

We're big fans of Doug Edwards, and we will be releasing his best hardbound book to date, entitled Nukes. If you love card magic, this is something you just have to have. Coming in January 2014.

Andi Gladwin has been a busy Brit. He is in the final stages of TWO significant hardbound collections, the first on Scott Robinson (which Andi coauthored) and one on the elusive Tomas Blomberg. BOTH books are slated for release in 2014. And all being well, Jack Parker fans will be in for a treat in 2014 too!

We're very grateful that we have the opportunity and creative space to pursue the magic projects we love and care about, and that you, dear friends, provide the support to keep taking on new passion projects. We hope you enjoy the final results as much as we enjoy producing them. Here's to 2014 and beyond.

Happy New Year,

Josh and Andi