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Clown Silk 45
Clown Silk 45"
Trick by Laflin - $29.15

There is no better way to choose a silk than to choose the one designed by a master magician who specializes in silk magic. These silks feature the optimal weight, hemming style and beautiful graphics that a professional magician needs for successful and fun silk magic routines. ...

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Headless Cartoon Silk Trick
Headless Cartoon Silk
Trick - $66.00

These beautiful silks, each with different characters depicted on them, but without their heads! This way, either you or your audience assistants can hold up the silks and finish the pictures with their faces! Lots of fun for kids and adults, with audience participation and many comedy...

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Color Changing Silk (China Silk) Accessory
Color Changing Silk (China Silk)
Accessory by Uday Jadugar - $7.95

Two brightly colored 15-inch silks tied together. By simply stroking the silks with an empty hand, the color changes visibly.

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