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Alarmed DVD
DVD by Noel Qualter - $57.65

From the creator of the bestselling effect iDeck comes another off the wall commercial big hitter! Alarmed is an incredible prediction effect that ends with your spectator receiving an impossible souvenir. Here's The Effect:Your spectator imagines an alarm clock sitting on their bedside table. They...

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Doomsday Deck (Blood Red) Deck of cards
Doomsday Deck (Blood Red)
Deck of cards by Jim Tyler - $10.00

This is a new design by Diamond Jim Tyler. DJ often looks for things that are intrinsically magical to inspire his performances and to reach the subconscious of his spectators. Neuro-linguistic programming techniques and subliminal suggestions like these help to coax the audience to respond...

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Timeless Deck Deck of cards
Timeless Deck
Deck of cards by RSVP Magic - $8.00

Welcome to the Timeless Deck from RSVP.    Created by USPCC on Air Cushion Finish Bicycle Stock, these cards are truly stunning in every way and fantastic to handle and use.   Timeless is a fully customized deck based around the workings of clock mechanisms.    Built...

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