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Vapr Trick
Trick by Will Tsai - $179.95

Vapr is the excellent smoke device from Will Tsai. For those unfamiliar with a smoke device, what you get is an ingenious gimmick that takes specific cartridges, and then at the press of a button the liquid in the cartridge is turned to vapour, fed down a tube that generally runs down...

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Vapr Refills Refill
Vapr Refills
Refill by Will Tsai - $19.95

Refills for Vapr. Includes 10 Vapr smoke cartridges (80-100 puffs per cartridge).

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Vapr Replacement Heater Coil Trick
Vapr Replacement Heater Coil
Trick by SansMinds - $11.95

After a lot of use, we have found that if you're Vapr unit starts playing up, it is usually the heater coil that needs replacing. Now, you can inexpensively give your unit a new lease of life! 1 heater coil. No instructions.

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