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Runic Royalty Bicycle Playing Cards Deck of cards
Runic Royalty Bicycle Playing Cards
Deck of cards by WillRoya&Co - $20.00

Fresh off its Kickstarter success comes Runic Royalty, a custom-designed deck that will be equally at home in a magician's hands or at the card table. From Canadian artist Keith Glover, each card, Ace through King, has a custom face, and just wait until you get a look at the new Suicide King!...

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Cards in Cabaret Book
Cards in Cabaret
Book by Ken de Courcy - $5.00

Ken de Courcy brings you this wonderful card collection, and even a little mentalism, that includes material from the likes of Billy McComb, Frank Garcia, Stanton Carlisle, and John Wade. Featuring worker material for today's card conjuror, Cards in Cabaret will keep you reading from cover to...

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Milo and Roger Book
Milo and Roger
Book by Arthur Brandon - $37.00

If you’re looking for an hilarious, magic-themed book to relax with on the beach, this is the best one ever written! It is a side-splitting yet heart-warming account of two of the most famous magicians you’ve never heard of. This is not a trick book, but it’s an unbelievably honest, hilarious...

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