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By Andi Gladwin - Friday, August 9, 2019

Josh and I have now organised over twenty magic conventions and one magic retreat together. Combined, we've probably attended 500 or more over the past twenty years, and along the way, we've learned a lot of lessons from these conventions that we have applied to our own conventions:

PROBLEM: It's 8am and I've already snoozed my alarm twice. I finally got to bed at 5am, after staying up all night doing card tricks, but I need to get up now to have time for a shower and breakfast before the first lecture.
SOLUTION: We always promised ourselves that this wouldn't happen at our magic conventions. So, we tend to start a little later to give everyone the opportunity to get a little rest and breakfast before the first event.

PROBLEM: We're here amongst all our friends but we can't see them because the lectures are back to back!
SOLUTION: A big part of magic conventions is being with friends, and meeting new ones. So, on average, we have an hour break between each event. And if you're new to magic - the whole Vanishing Inc. team are around, waiting to introduce you to people you might enjoy getting to know.

PROBLEM: My mind is frazzled by the end of the day because I've learned too much magic!
SOLUTION: The proper magic convention schedule is a mixture of learning magic and being inspired by magic. That's why we try to have as many shows as we do lectures. That way, you'll end each day feeling inspired, not exhausted!

We just launched the schedules for both our 2020 conventions. You can see them here:

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