My Favorite Card Tricks: Ellis James

By Alex Robertson - Monday, May 25, 2020

We asked some of our team to share with us their favorite card tricks. This week is the turn of Ellis James, our marketing intern here at Vanishing Inc. Over to Ellis:


Selected Time Travel -Ben Earl. I learned it at the Retreat in Costa Rica, but it's also published in "This is not a box" Its a great time travel routine that is short, powerful, and well constructed. I like direct magic, and this is my go-to "Show me a trick" response.

Triumph. Triumph is arguably the strongest card trick you can do for laymen, so I do it all the time. I do one of four different versions depending on the situation. For instance, if I am set up for a mem deck, I'll do a named card triumph. If I am standing, I'll do A Triumph Routine from Drawing Room Deceptions. For a larger group in a social setting, I'll do Double Exposure by Asi Wind. Lastly, if I am seated at a table, I'll go back to the classic form: Vernon's original triumph from Stars of Magic.

Cutting the aces into an ace assembly: I love ace tricks, and I almost always pair these two together. Again, I do a variety of versions of both, but recently I've been doing Real Ace Cutting from Less is More for the ace cutting sequence, and then Merlin's Lost Ace trick from Expert Card Technique with some touches from Jared Kopf and Charlie Miller.

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