Scholarships for Young Magicians

By Ben Young - Thursday, July 25, 2019

From Ben: As family performers, we often cross paths with young magicians. You know the story: they come to your library show. Or perhaps they're an older sibling of the birthday child. They have a deck of cards with them, and after the performance, ask to show you a trick. It's important that we nurture their interest, and as you know, magic conventions are SUCH a great way to learn a ton and meet like-minded friends for life. Well Magifest and The Session both have amazing youth programs that allows teens to attend the convention for free!

From the organizers: The Youth Program is the future of magic. Teens from all over the world are a part of the Youth Scholarship. They earn these scholarships by performing a free show for charity. We ask all performers to be on the look out for young up and comers they might meet at shows, and encourage them to apply for the scholarship. Some families are truly unable to afford to come to an event like this, and the scholarship allows young people of all all backgrounds to learn about the art. This year in particular will be a special opportunity to learn from the very best!

Back to Ben: If you know of any young magicians that could use the chance of a lifetime, be sure to tell them about Magifest and The Session youth programs! You can learn more about Magifest here, and The Session here.

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