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The Butterfly Effect DVD
The Butterfly Effect
DVD by Peter Nardi - $25.00

We're very excited to be able to offer you The Butterfly Effect from the creative mind of Peter Nardi. After a totally random and impossible looking selection procedure, you have predicted the outcome with 100% accuracy. The effect is as follows. After explaining the premise of the...

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Magic Butterfly Trick
Magic Butterfly
Trick by Tenyo Magic and So Sato - $24.95

Produce a butterfly! Created by So Sato In this truly unique magic effect, the magician magically produces a butterfly of a chosen color, on a pin inside a box that was previously shown empty. Every item used in this trick contains a clever gimmick, and the combination of these gimmicks produces an...

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The Butterfly Deck Deck of cards
The Butterfly Deck
Deck of cards by and Nanswer Magic - $10.00

The custom-designed backs consists of a concentric pattern formed by circles of Buddhist scripture. A serene representation of the ripple-effect on water as the butterfly seems to dance on its surface. The butterfly is represented on the card-face by a pair of wing-like...

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