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The Thick Card Project DVD or download
The Thick Card Project
DVD or download by Liam Montier - $30.00

Thick Card - a double thick playing card used as a locator card, a peek device, an automatic double lift facilitator, a break-less control gaff...

Reshuffled Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Reshuffled
Trick by Pedro Morillo - $25.00

"Killer Ending! I can't wait to try Reshuffled on my clients" Paul Gertner "Pedro's effect is the best handling of Paul Gertner's classic and so...

Roadrunner Cull - Volume 1 DVD or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Roadrunner Cull - Volume 1
DVD or download by Kostya Kimlat - $45.00

In less than a quarter of a minute, no matter what the condition of the cards, and under the guise of what appears to be a casual stroll through the...

Impale DVD
DVD by Nicholas Lawrence and Jason Yu - $39.95

Imagine having a sharpie marker gently touch a deck of cards, only to have it start sinking through the deck like a hot knife melting through...

Phantom Trick
Trick by Peter Eggink - $34.95

Phantom is a specially engendered utility gimmick that you can carry with you everywhere you go. This new secret weapon allows you to perform killer...

Guy Hollingworth's Renovations Book
Guy Hollingworth's Renovations
Book by Guy Hollingworth - $20.00

It's a really, really, really big deal when Guy Hollingworth releases new material. He is one of our favorite close-up magicians and he hasn't...

Stephen Hobbs' Technical Toolbox DVD and book set
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Stephen Hobbs' Technical Toolbox
DVD and book set by Stephen Hobbs - From $49.95

Beginning in January of 2014, Stephen Hobbs – author of Modus Operandi: The Magic of Jack Carpenter, Gene Maze and the Art of Bottom Dealing, and...

Revolution Trick
Trick by Gregory Wilson - $34.95

Spinning a small item on the tip of your finger is a visceral display of skill, control and years of masterful discipline. But, who has time for all...

A Thought Well Stolen Book or download
A Thought Well Stolen
Book or download by Ben Harris - Book $29.95 or download for $30.00

A Thought Well Stolen combines two of magic’s great card effects — Any Card At Any Number, and a matching deck routine — into a wicked hybrid;...

YES Trick
Trick by Pavel - $39.00

Based on a principle by Pavel. This easy to do effect seems so simple. All your participant has to do is clip one of the cards which has 'yes'...

The Bound Deck DVD
The Bound Deck
DVD by Juan Luis Rubiales - $50.00

An incredible coincidence effect performed under impossible conditions. You divide a deck in two and bind each portion so that it becomes a book of...

Insight Trick
Trick by Hugo Shelley - $588.00

The Insight system includes a miniature wrist-worn reader and a deck of 52 electronic playing cards. The smallest RFID reader available,...

Wonderbox DVD
DVD by SansMinds - $24.95

Transform a deck of cards into coins, sweets, or anything you can think of. Or make the entire deck vanish!  Perform a card effect. Finish...

Tour de Force DVD
Tour de Force
DVD by Michael O'Brian - $19.95

Tour de Force is an in-the-hands Triumph that has been streamlined and simplified so that not only is it easy to perform, but the moves are also...

Mail Shot Trick
Mail Shot
Trick by Chris Congreave - $24.95 $18.96 (SAVE $5.99)

During a card routine of your choice you show an envelope that came with a mail shot you received in the post. Inside is a free sample of a playing...

Perfect Triumph Trick
Perfect Triumph
Trick by Federico Poeymiro - $24.95

This is a triumph effect but done differently. The cards rearrange under more impossible conditions than usual. The magician shows an envelope that...

52 Shades of Red Magnets Trick
52 Shades of Red Magnets
Trick by Shin Lim - $20.00

Included are 20 gimmicks specifically made for 52 Shades of Red by Shin Lim.

Clipped Scam DVD
Clipped Scam
DVD by Luis Carreon - $15.00 $11.40 (SAVE $3.60)

In Clipped Scam, the magician tells about an old game called the Three Card Monte, and explains it briefly. He claims that his version affords...

Zenith DVD
DVD by David Stone - $34.95

The only card trick that is guaranteed to raise the roof! Created by David Stone and eveloped by JB Dumas, you can predict that the production...

ECHO Sound
DVD by Jean-Pierre Vallerino - $29.95

You place a piece of cardboard aside before a spectator shuffles the four cards from their own deck and spreads these cards face down on the table...

HOLE 2.0 Trick
HOLE 2.0
Trick by Mickael Chatelain - $29.95

With HOLE 2.0, your spectators will still not believe what they have just seen! Take out your deck and spread the cards between your hands....

Dani DaOrtiz Reloaded DVD
Dani DaOrtiz Reloaded
DVD by Dani DaOrtiz - $150.00

"Simply super strong magic full of constant surprises!" Juan Tamariz Hot off the heels of his successful Utopia DVD set, Dani DaOrtiz is back to...

Fisher's Dream Trick
Fisher's Dream
Trick by Inaki Zabaletta - $39.95

The Lasso Card Trick" is one of the favorite classics of all time. Now imagine you can do it anytime anywhere with a freely selected card and signed...

Separagon DVD or download
DVD or download by Woody Aragon - DVD $29.99 or download for $29.95

Woody Aragon's name is synonymous with the creation of workable, potent card miracles that require nearly no sleight of hand. He's more about...

Blomberg Laboratories - Deluxe Edition Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Blomberg Laboratories - Deluxe Edition
Book by Andi Gladwin - $185.00

The 150 Deluxe Editions sold out within 24 hours of launching. Get the regular edition of Blomberg Laboratories before that sells out too! ...

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