Coin Boxes

Coin boxes are versatile coin magic props that allow you to perform a variety of amazing coin tricks such as vanishes, appearances, penetrations and transpositions. The boxes themselves are typically ungimmicked and can be examined. While there are many different options, the most popular coin boxes are the Okito Coin Box and Boston Coin Box.

Okito Boxes

The Okito Coin Box is a cylindrical coin box with a lid that was invented by Theodore Bamberg (better known by his stage name “Okito”). While sitting in his New York City magic shop, Theo was playing around with a pill box and noticed a particular design element that allowed him to secretly manipulate pills (and eventually coins).

Boston Boxes

The Boston Coin Box differs slightly from the Okito Coin Box by offering the unique ability to perform routines without a lid. This allows you to conduct more visual coin vanishes and coin magic routines.

Slot Boxes

A slot coin box features a clever mechanic that allows you to hold back a coin, which opens up the potential for a variety of different coin magic routines.

Coin Box Sets

Other coin boxes

Gimmick Coins for Magic Tricks

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