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A Question of Memory Book
A Question of Memory
Book by David Berglas - $29.95

In 1988, David Berglas wrote a book explaining his memory techniques. The book has been out of print for many years, but recently we found a small batch of them! They will never be printed, so for a short time only, this is your opportunity to get your hands on David's famous memory system. ...

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The Key to Your Mind Magic download (video)
The Key to Your Mind
Magic download (video) by Luca Volpe - $5.00

This mind-reading routine can be performed impromptu with just a pack of business cards! A spectator writes the name of someone they know on the back of a business card. After it is mixed with other blank cards, the cards are eliminated one by one, leaving one remaining. Now you divine the written...

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Single Forcing Die Trick
Single Forcing Die
Trick by Diamond Jim Tyler - $9.95

This is a single die for forcing a specific number. It's been cleverly made to hide the secret well. Imagine six envelopes each numbered one through six.  spectator can be made to win or lose depending on how it is presented. When a number is rolled then that "number envelope"...

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