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DeLorian Signed Card Under Cellophane DVD
DeLorian Signed Card Under Cellophane
DVD by Dave Forrest - $30.00

DeLorian is a show stopping 'Signed Card to Impossible Location' effect that can be performed at any time during your act with any freely selected...

Deluxe Raven® Kit  w/Online Instructions DVD
Deluxe Raven® Kit w/Online Instructions
DVD by Penguin Magic - $59.95

EffectAn examined coin is placed on a spectators hand. The Magician shows his hands front and back, then waves one over the coin and it visibly...

Descent DVD
DVD by Kevin Parker - $30.00

This is a visual coin-through-glass that does not require magnets, wires, strings, threads, special coins, or special tables.The magician borrows a...

Devastation DVD
DVD by Mark Mason - $40.00

We love this effect, it blows laymen away.A deck of cards are shown to be ALL BACKS on both sides, as you explain that last night you had the...

Dial-Abolical DVD
DVD by Kockov - $26.25

Alakazam Magic is proud to introduce Jasper Blakeley performing in character as Monrokvia's greatest mindreader and magician - Kockov. For the first...

Dice Man DVD
Dice Man
DVD by Andy Nyman - $35.00

Dice Man could quite possibly be Andy's finest trick to date! The performer explains that he's trying something new in his life-he's given up making...

Dingle's Deceptions DVD
Dingle's Deceptions
DVD by Derek Dingle - $34.95

"We have with us the greatest card manipulator in the world."- Barbara WaltersDerek Dingle's first book, Dingle's Deceptions (written by Harry...

Dingle's Delights DVD
Dingle's Delights
DVD by Derek Dingle - $34.95

"... the performer whom most magicians consider the greates card magician extant."- TIME MagazineDerek Dingle has been one of the most influential...

Distorted Visions DVD
Distorted Visions
DVD by Jack Curtis - $37.25 $18.75 (SAVE $18.50)

The 1914 proudly presents DISTORTED VISIONS an instructional DVD by JACK CURTIS - author of the critically acclaimed underground mentalism book...

Dixon Drop DVD
Dixon Drop
DVD by Doc Dixon - $30.00

What If... you could cleanly cut a deck into four random packets and the face card of each packet changes into an ace?What have a signed...

Double Face Super Triple Coin Eisenhower Dollar DVD
Double Face Super Triple Coin Eisenhower Dollar
DVD by Johnny Wong - $149.00

Double Face Super Triple Coin with DVD is a perfect upgraded version of coin gimmicks.It is also the latest gimmick from Johnny Wong 2011. It enables...

Double Signed Card Routine DVD
Double Signed Card Routine
DVD by Richard Turner - $35.00 $31.50 (SAVE $3.50)

By adding another spectator and a few more moves, Richard Turner elevates the Signed Card Routine to new heights. Imagine an effect where two...

Doves 101 Andy Amyx DVD
Doves 101 Andy Amyx
DVD by Andy Amyx - $45.00 $40.50 (SAVE $4.50)

"A superior video for the beginner or seasoned professional." - Lance Burton Learn the art of dove stealing from one of the world's finest dove...

Downfall DVD
DVD by Dan Hauss - $14.95

Dan Hauss came to us with an idea that none of thought was possible. How could something so simple and so easy facilitate some of the best and most...

Dragon Thread DVD
Dragon Thread
DVD by Mike Wong - $29.95

Remove a 15" length of string, tear it into several small pieces and place them on a spectator's palm. Now gather the broken pieces, roll them into a...

Drunk DVD
DVD by Hondo - $25.00

"Hey, Hondo, are you serious? Revealing such useful tips, you must have been bloody drunk!" - Hanson Chien"The top confidentiality that the fans of...

DVD by Jordan Johnson - $25.00

DUI - a miracle in the making of the most prestigious kind. It's so crazy that you're spectators will think they're intoxicated. But DUI in this...

Dupes DVD
DVD by Gary Jones and Chris Congreave - $30.00

Gary Jones and Chris Congreave have a sterling reputation as WORKING magicians. The material they create and perform is the sort of stuff you WILL...

Duvivier's Magic #3: From Old to New DVD
Duvivier's Magic #3: From Old to New
DVD by Dominique Duvivier - $34.50

Contents:- A Different Production Nasty- Progressive Assembly Even Nastier - Progressive Assembly Double Cut Finale- The...

The Pea and Shell Game - Phil Cass DVD
The Pea and Shell Game - Phil Cass
DVD by Phil Cass - $29.95

Phil Cass is one of the leading performers in Australia. A recipient of the "Australian Variety Artist's 'Mo' Award" as "The Best Speciality Act In...

Dynamic Duo DVD
Dynamic Duo
DVD by Rich Moratta - $9.95

Create and perform comedy magic as a duo! Rich Marotta and Twila Zone, stars of HBO and Showtime, have over 20 years of experience and 2000...

E-Case DVD
DVD by Mark Mason - $145.00 $130.50 (SAVE $14.50)

Silent but Deadly. The hit of the MAGICLIVE dealers room This electronic hand built unit, allows you to create the perfect signed card, to card case....

E.S.P. (Eggs DVD
E.S.P. (Eggs
DVD by Jonathan Royal - $65.00

THE MENTALIST'S COOK BOOK Egg, Sausage & Peas (E.S.P) Revealed (RECIPES FOR KILLER MENTALISM & MIND MAGIC) Within these 3 amazing DVD-ROMs...

E.S.Perfect - The Project DVD DVD
E.S.Perfect - The Project DVD
DVD by Peter Nardi - $31.25

E.S.Perfect has been a best selling packet ESP effect for well over 6 years! On this DVD Peter Nardi teaches his full routine including all the tips,...

Early Harlan DVD
Early Harlan
DVD by Dan Harlan - $34.95

Dan Harlan is well known as an extremely creative magician who has released some of the best selling products in the history of magic. His Cardtoon,...

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