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Inscrutable Chapter 2 DVD
Inscrutable Chapter 2
DVD by Joe Barry - 38.25

Joe shares more of his favourite creations. Inscrutable 2 is packed with new material: New Moves & Routines 10 cards...

MS Magic Night 2014 DVD
MS Magic Night 2014
DVD by Magical Sleight - 27.50

The Magical Sleight put together an event that lasted from 8pm to 8am in Paris this January. This DVD gives you a glimpse into the performers and...

Infallible  DVD
DVD by Mark Elsdon - 49.75

Mark Elsdon has created one of the finest card and number prediction effects we have ever seen! Not only is Infallible a real world worker and...

SansMinds Sharpie  Trick
SansMinds Sharpie
Trick by SansMinds - 35.00

SansMinds Sharpie is a game-changing Sharpie marker designed for magicians' everyday miracle. Imagine drawing a design on the spectator's hand...

Hollywood DVD
DVD by Alex Pandrea - 25.00

Join Alex Pandrea in Hollywood on a journey of card magic. On this DVD Alex teaches 3 moves with cards; a switch, a color change, and a...

The Double Lift Project DVD
The Double Lift Project
DVD by Liam Montier - 35.00

The Double Turnover (most usually referred to as a double lift) is perhaps the single most essential move in all of card magic. It is the act of...

Mnemonica Miracles Box Set DVD
Mnemonica Miracles Box Set
DVD by Juan Tamariz - 149.95

A priceless record of Juan Tamariz's personal approach to memorized deck magic (which he calls Mnemonica). Join Juan Tamariz at the table...

Modern Magic (3 DVD set) DVD
Modern Magic (3 DVD set)
DVD by Will Houstoun - 81.00

Will Houstoun is a good friend of ours, and we love his new DVD set Modern Magic. Will is a fine technician with both coins and cards, and on this...

Totally Whacked DVD
Totally Whacked
DVD by Steve Mayhew - 35.00

Steve Mayhew is the guy with serious card chops and mad comedy skills. He's Erdnase with an arrow-through-the-head. You'll enjoy...

Creating Magic DVD or download
Creating Magic
DVD or download by Gary Kurtz - $29.95

Those of you who have Gary's first DVD, Let's Get Flurious, already know the high caliber of his effects and techniques. The material on the...

Imagination Coins DVD
Imagination Coins
DVD by Garrett Thomas - From $40.00

Imagination Coins allows your audience to do the magic in their own hands. Simple, clear and beyond anything they can imagine. If you have used...

Fate Trick
Trick by Manuel Llaser - 25.00

The Open Prediction is a premise that most of the great card magic titans have tackled. But NEVER has their been a version so clean, so...

Stessel's Button DVD
Stessel's Button
DVD by John Stessel - 35.00

We like John Stessel, and we like to think that we saw something in him before anyone else did. We released FLUSH several years ago and it was a...

Gaetan Bloom's Linking Pins DVD
Gaetan Bloom's Linking Pins
DVD by Gaetan Bloom - 40.00

This is a rare thing: when a true veteran of close-up magic tips an ENTIRE routine. With this DVD package, you have the pins themselves and the...

Opening Doors Trick
Opening Doors
Trick by Henry Evans - 110.00

YES. IT CAN BE EXPLAINED. The (in)famous "Trick that Cannot be Explained" developed by the Master Dai Vernon, is finally explained in...

Al Schneider - Volumes 1-3 DVD
Al Schneider - Volumes 1-3
DVD by Al Schneider - 29.95 each

This set of 3 DVDs contain material from the great Al Schneider. Each volume has its own theme, and the material is unlike anything you have seen...

Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) DVD
Emotional Intelligence (E.I.)
DVD by Luke Jermay - 30.00

Jermay's room-shattering THREE PHASE mind reading routine. Entertaining a room full of people has never been this easy! Completely impromptu. Can...

Frye's Chips DVD
Frye's Chips
DVD by Charlie Frye - 50.00

Poker chip stunts are wildly popular now. The cool Hold 'Em players are constantly bouncing their chips around, shuffling them, rolling them down...

The Egg Bag DVD & props
The Egg Bag
DVD & props by Luis de Matos - 70.00

Luis de Matos performs and explains his professional routine for the Malini Egg Bag. In this classic effect an egg vanishes and reappears inside...

The Red Envelope DVD
The Red Envelope
DVD by David Sousa - 35.00

The Red Envelope is David Sousa's award-winning silent act. This act inspired a generation of world-class manipulators and champions and led to...

Wedge DVD
DVD by Jesse Feinberg - 35.00

This is really, really smart. And what a great way to introduce your props during a close-up or parlor performance. People write us often asking...

Bar Magic Doc Eason Volumes 1 - 3 DVD or download
Bar Magic Doc Eason Volumes 1 - 3
DVD or download by Doc Eason - $29.95 each

Your front row seat is reserved for this rare, in-depth look at the working repertoire of the master bar magician of our time. Peppered with lines,...

Finney Live at Lake Tahoe Volumes 1 - 3 DVD or download
Finney Live at Lake Tahoe Volumes 1 - 3
DVD or download by Michael Finney - Various prices

Filmed in front of a live audience in Lake Tahoe, these three DVDs show a comedy magic master at work. You then get the inner workings of the magic...

Rubberband Volumes 1 - 3 DVD or download
Rubberband Volumes 1 - 3
DVD or download by Dan Harlan - $29.95 each

Dan's name was synonymous with the resurgence of rubber band magic when his initial creations were passed among a select few professionals. Now...

The Best of JJ Sanvert Volumes 1 - 4 DVD or download
The Best of JJ Sanvert Volumes 1 - 4
DVD or download by JJ Sanvert - $29.95 each

Can magic really be this entertaining? But of course...! When FISM winner J. J. Sanvert performs, he only has one goal in mind - to...

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