Magic by Hugo Valenzuela

There is no Spoon Trick
There is no Spoon
Trick by Hugo Valenzuela - 95.00

Take a spoon and check it out.Immediately and without removing it from public view place very slowly at the tip of your fingers. The spoon began to...

Safe Prediction Trick
Safe Prediction
Trick by Hugo Valenzuela and Magical Universe - 49.95

An amazingly unique and fun lock prediction with a kicker ending that will leave them speechless. The magician shows a safe that cannot be opened. ...

Magic science Trick
Magic science
Trick by Hugo Valenzuela - 29.95

It's a trick with three effects in one!! Magic Science explains several attributes of science, through magic! A different approach and rarely seen...

Million Dollar Baby DVD & props
Million Dollar Baby
DVD & props by Hugo Valenzuela - 49.95

Produce money from anywhere. It is done with any monetary value and a borrowed coin.  You can show the money on both...

The Ladybug Trick
The Ladybug
Trick by Hugo Valenzuela - 49.95

If cute and quaint card revelations are your thing, The Lady Bug from Hugo Valenzuela should be right up your street. A beautifully unique...

Trick by Hugo Valenzuela - 34.95

Everyone likes to see money appear, and now with I LOVE MONEY you can do just that in an extremely visual way!You show both hands empty, but suddenly...