Magic by Magical Universe

Safe Prediction Trick
Safe Prediction
Trick by Hugo Valenzuela and Magical Universe - 49.95

An amazingly unique and fun lock prediction with a kicker ending that will leave them speechless. The magician shows a safe that cannot be opened. ...

The Time Machine Trick
The Time Machine
Trick by Magical Universe - 49.95

Originality and surprise are part of this magic trick. In this trick we play with the idea that the deck of cards is a set of images that can be...

Trick by Magical Universe - 49.95

Effect: A small object is placed on your hand. With your and your spectators' concentration, the object slowly and visibly moves onto its side - and...

Tiny Prediction Accessory
Tiny Prediction
Accessory by Magical Universe - 14.95

If you are looking for an easy-to-wear accessory, Tiny Prediction is the ONE!! You force a card simulating a simple choice... Then you will explain...

Oouch! Trick
Trick by Magical Universe - 59.95

The video speaks for itself! A card is chosen by the spectator and signed by them. It is subsequently lost in the deck. Then, a dart is displayed....