Magic by Logica Giochi

Mystery Chest Puzzle Box Accessory
Mystery Chest Puzzle Box
Accessory by Logica Giochi - 16.95

The enigmatic Mystery Chest Puzzle Box disarms many puzzlers with its uncomplicated design and simple challenge: open the box. Yet, a devious locking...

Labyrinth Puzzle Box  Puzzle
Labyrinth Puzzle Box
Puzzle by Logica Giochi - 22.99

Lose yourself in the mysterious aura of this elegant puzzle box. Hidden within this secret box lies a sneaky locking mechanism that protects the...

Japanese Puzzle Boxes Artwork
Japanese Puzzle Boxes
Artwork by Logica Giochi - From $130.00

New versions just added! These stunning Japanese Puzzle Boxes are part wooden puzzle and part work of art. Each one has been handmade in Ashi Lake,...

Secret Opening Boxes Puzzle
Secret Opening Boxes
Puzzle by Logica Giochi - 14.99

From Joshua Jay’s Six Impossible Things to your home! Joshua Jay’s off-broadway show Six Impossible Things was one of the most unique magic shows...

Trickbox Puzzle Box Artwork
Trickbox Puzzle Box
Artwork by Logica Giochi - 18.00

With just 1 step, how difficult could this puzzle box truly be? You’d be surprised. The Trickbox Puzzle Box (or Fake Box) is a small wood puzzle that...

Helicopter Puzzle Puzzle
Helicopter Puzzle
Puzzle by Logica Giochi - 19.95

This delightful three-dimensional puzzle offers tons of fun and unique challenges for kids and adults alike. Handcrafted in Thailand from teak wood,...

Sliding Sticks Puzzle Box Puzzle
Sliding Sticks Puzzle Box
Puzzle by Logica Giochi - 149.95

Can you find the perfect combination? This multi-step “Sliding Stick Puzzle Box” is not for the faint of heart. While it’s not the hardest puzzle we...