Magic by Logica Giochi

Japanese Puzzle Boxes Artwork
Japanese Puzzle Boxes
Artwork by Logica Giochi - From $130.00

These stunning Japanese Puzzle Boxes are part wooden puzzle and part work of art. Each one has been handmade in Ashi Lake, Japan, by a village of...

Labyrinth Puzzle Box  Puzzle
Labyrinth Puzzle Box
Puzzle by Logica Giochi - $22.99

Lose yourself in the mysterious aura of this elegant puzzle box. Hidden within this secret box lies a sneaky locking mechanism that protects the...

Mystery Chest Puzzle Box Accessory
Mystery Chest Puzzle Box
Accessory by Logica Giochi - $16.99

The enigmatic Mystery Chest Puzzle Box disarms many puzzlers with its uncomplicated design and simple challenge: open the box. Yet, a devious locking...

Secret Opening Boxes Puzzle
Secret Opening Boxes
Puzzle by Logica Giochi - $14.99

From Joshua Jay’s Six Impossible Things to your home! Joshua Jay’s off-broadway show Six Impossible Things was one of the most unique magic shows...

Trickbox Puzzle Box Artwork
Trickbox Puzzle Box
Artwork by Logica Giochi - $18.00

With just 1 step, how difficult could this puzzle box truly be? You’d be surprised. The Trickbox Puzzle Box (or Fake Box) is a small wood puzzle that...

Sliding Sticks Puzzle Box Puzzle
Sliding Sticks Puzzle Box
Puzzle by Logica Giochi - $149.95

Can you find the perfect combination? This multi-step “Sliding Stick Puzzle Box” is not for the faint of heart. While it’s not the hardest puzzle we...