Erdnase Magic Store On The Magic Cafe

One great way to check if erdnase magic store is a good place to buy magic tricks, magic books, and magic downloads from is the biggest magic forum online, The Magic Cafe.

Now, love it or loathe it, The Magic Cafe has been around for so long, that magicians will have shared their opinions and findings about most things in the world of magic. Including erdnasemagicstore.

Let’s see what people have to say…

Someone wanted to learn magic tricks posted asking if erdnase magic store is legit. Everyone replies telling them it is not, and is full of pirated content. Here’s the discussion

Another user was interested in a popular mentalism release, he got the same reply.

Here’s yet another user questioning if the site is trustworthy

The truth about the erdnase magic store is that they are thieves and all the magic tricks there are stolen.

You run risk of credit card and ID theft if you share your personal information with a criminal organization, so our advice is to always shop at legitimate magic stores, like Vanishing Inc. or Penguin Magic.

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