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World's Greatest Magic - Matrix / Coin Assemblies DVD or download
World's Greatest Magic - Matrix / Coin Assemblies
DVD or download by Various - $20.00 or download for $15.00

Close-up magicians have known for years that audiences love the classic plot where four coins individually placed under four playing cards magically gather under one of the cards. It could be convincingly argued that Al Schneider began a revolution in coin magic when he synthesized...

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Undercover Matrix Magic download (video)
Undercover Matrix
Magic download (video) by Mariano Goni - $9.95

Mariano shows three original reverse matrixes he actually performs in his close-up show, at the Houdini Magic Theatre. Few coin effects have the visual beauty and attraction of a well performed matrix. Add these to your repertoire and watch what people say!

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Elevated Dice Matrix (EDM) Trick
Elevated Dice Matrix (EDM)
Trick by Nicholas Einhorn - $34.95

Elevated Dice Matrix (EDM) is Nick Einhorn's take on the classic plot using four cards and four dice (or 'die' if you prefer) in a visual, magical presentation; a complete sell-out in just 48 hours at the Blackpool Magic Convention 2016. Using four 3/4-inch dice and a beautifully...

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