The 10 Best Playing Cards You Can Buy in 2024

With 1,000s of high quality playing cards available to choose from, there is a deck of cards to suit any card magic trick or card game. Yet, choosing the right deck of playing cards, or even knowing where to buy playing cards, can sometimes feel overwhelming. Thankfully, our team of professional magicians uses a lot of playing cards. So, we put together a list of the 10 best playing cards you can buy in 2024.

1. Modern Idols

modern idols playing cards best playing cards for magic tricks

Produced by popular playing card designer Giovanni Meroni with Thirdway Industries, “Modern Idols Playing Cards” pay tribute to the new deities that replaced old gods. In the modern age, worshipped idols include “money”, “love”, “work”, “the internet”, “video games”, “fitness” and more.

This intriguing theme is beautifully represented in this fully-customized deck of playing cards featuring unique courts and an eye-popping neon colorway. Manufactured by the USPCC, “Modern Idols Playing Cards” will look great on display in any playing card collection.

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2. Abandoned Luxury Playing Cards

abandoned luxury playing cards dynamo street magic

Along with David Blaine, Dynamo is one of the most influential magicians of the modern era. His unique street magic has inspired countless magicians to get started in learning close-up magic.

“Abandoned Luxury Playing Cards” were exclusively crafted to be Dynamo’s personal playing cards before finally being released to the public this year. These stunning playing cards perfectly capture the unique aesthetic and feel of Dynamo’s beloved magic show in London—“The Abandoned Room”.

Gorgeous sapphire blue foiling and gold metallic inks command attention in any collectable deck collection. Standard playing card suits and symbols, premium True Linen B9 slimline card stock from Cartamundi and included gaff cards also make them one of the best decks of playing cards for card magic tricks.

For avid deck collectors and playing card enthusiasts, limited edition Deluxe Abandoned Playing Cards are also available.

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3. Star Wars Playing Cards

star wars playing cards red and blue light side and dark side

Produced by theory11, one of the largest producers of luxury playing cards in the world, “Star Wars Playing Cards” are the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan, magician, poker player or playing card fan. This officially licensed deck of cards was crafted in collaboration with Lucasfilm and includes all of the most popular Star Wars characters.

Multiple versions are available. You can choose to join either the rebel alliance or succumb to the dark side and join Emperor Palpatine’s Imperial Army.

The gorgeous blue “Star Wars Light Side Playing Cards” feature an amazing back design with R2-D2, Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber and other rebel alliance details. The standard court card characters have been replaced with your favorite Star Wars heroes like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa, Rey and others.

The bold red “Star Wars Dark Side Playing Cards” feature notable dark side details including the Death Star and TIE fighters. Customized court cards feature legendary villains like Kylo Ren, Emperor Palpatine and, of course, a Darth Vader King of Spades.

Both decks of cards come sealed in a stunning embossed tuck case with matching imagery and foiling. These playing cards make a great piece of art for any office or desk.

For the most serious collectors, or the biggest fans of Star Wars, special “Silver Edition Star Wars Playing Cards” are available. You can also buy “The Mandalorian Playing Cards” based on the super popular Disney+ tv show.

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4. The Feather Deck: Goldfinch Addition

feather deck gold edition in purple tuck case with gold foiling

“The Feather Deck” is a special collaboration between Brooklyn-based artist Travis DeMello and Vanishing Inc. Magic—the largest online magic shop in the world. Reflecting on the beauty found in life’s simplest moments, this elegant and timeless deck of cards perfectly captures the breathtaking details of a bird’s feather.

While the feather design on the card backs may look like a photo, every single bristle was drawn by hand and subtly enhanced with striking gold foiling. Using slightly modified versions of classic designs on the faces and luxurious Cartamundi stock, “The Feather Deck” is perfect for everything from our favorite card magic tricks to the best card games.

Available in a teal or gold colorway.

Buy “The Feather Deck: Goldfinch Edition”

5. Card College Playing Cards

roberto giobbi card college playing cards

This special deck of cards was created to honor Roberto Giobbi’s Card College, the influential card magic books that are some of the top recommended magic books for beginners.

“Card College Playing Cards” feature an elegant back design inspired by drawings found in the book. They come with a custom Ace of Spades, unique Jokers and two gaff cards. Everything is packed into a clean card box that resembles the cover of the Card College books.

These stylish custom playing cards were designed specifically to offer exceptional quality handling at a price affordable enough for magicians to use them regularly for the best card magic tricks.

They are available in either red or blue.

Special collector’s editions versions are also available:

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6. ABRACADABRA Playing Cards

blake vogt's abracadabra playing cards

Following the massive success of his “ABRACADABRA” magic art piece sold by Vanishing Inc. Wonders, America’s Got Talent Semifinalist Blake Vogt partnered with Vanishing Inc. to make a limited edition deck of cards.

The distinct ABRACADABRA illusion imagery has been carefully integrated into this one-of-a-kind deck of cards to create a mini art piece. These stylish playing cards allow you to infuse your love of magic into every card trick and cardistry flourish.

Each deck “ABRACADABRA Playing Cards” comes with a custom Ace of Spades, matching Jokers and a double-backed gaff card. You also get an exclusive custom playing card with a miniature version of the “ABRACADABRA” art and a replica of Blake’s signature on the back.

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7. NOC Beach Bar Playing Cards

noc beach bar playing cards

“NOC Playing Cards” from Alex Pandrea and The Blue Crown are undeniably some of the most popular playing cards among magicians, cardists and card collectors. Each new version is an instant bestseller and “NOC Beach Bar Playing Cards” are no different.

Original “NOCs Playing Cards” are known for their bold and simple single-color blacked designs. However, with “NOCs Beach Bar Playing Cards”, The Blue Crown continues it’s recent trend of using a multi-color design on “NOCs Playing Cards”.

This fun and vibrant beach-inspired deck of cards offers nothing but good vibes. With it’s gorgeous gradient design and special cocktail Jokers, it’s always summer when you have a deck of “NOC Beach Bar Playing Cards” in your hands.

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8. Copag 1546 Plastic Playing Cards

copag 1546 plasting playing cards double deck set

We couldn’t create a list of the “10 Best Playing Cards” without highlighting the best playing cards for poker or card game night. Whether you’re sitting down for a poker game or another fun card game, there’s no better deck of cards than "Copag 1546 Plastic Playing Cards".

These special poker cards are printed with cellulose acetate plastic. This makes them last up to 50x longer than paper cards like Bicycle Playing Cards. You can shuffle and deal these for endless games before you need to replace them.

Spill your drink at the poker table? No worries. A quick wipe with a cloth and these playing card decks are ready to play the game again.

Each set of 'Copag 1546 Plastic Playing Cards' comes with two poker sized, 52-card decks with Jokers. A hard plastic storage case is also included and multiple colors are available.

As a very practical and affordable alternative to more expensive “KEM Playing Cards”, these 100% PVC plastic 'Copag 1546 Playing Cards' make a great gift for poker players. They are the perfect stocking stuffer for the holiday season.

Buy “Copag 1546 Plastic Playing Cards (Double-Deck Set)”

9. Vivid Kingdoms Playing Cards

vivid kingdoms playing cards

“Vivid Kingdoms Playing Cards” took the playing card community by storm when they were first launched on Kickstarter. Within just 24 hours, they raised $1 million on the crowdfunding platform. This shattered the old record of $630,000 set by “The Name of the Wind Playing Cards” in 2017 and made “Vivid Kingdoms Playing Cards” the most successful custom deck of cards ever funded on Kickstarter.

Designed by Ten Hundred, this fully-customized transformation deck of cards was inspired by the bright and imaginative character work found in cartoons, graffiti, comics and other works of art. It’s gorgeous illustrations, vivid colors and one-of-a-kind characters are a sight to behold. We wouldn’t be surprised if “Vivid Kingdoms Playing Cards” quickly sell out and eventually become one of the rarest decks of playing cards in the world in the near future.

One of the coolest things about “Vivid Kingdoms Playing Cards” is that the designer documented his entire journey designing the playing cards on YouTube. You can see the first episode below:

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10. Bicycle Playing Cards

vanishing inc magic bicycle playing cards elite edition

We can’t have a list of the best playing cards for magic tricks and our favorite card games without mentioning the most popular playing cards in the world—“Bicycle Playing Cards”. Combining affordability and functionality with their signature air cushion finish, “Bicycle Playing Cards” are considered by many to be the gold standard in the playing card world.

There are so many options and colors available. You can even get special “Richard Turner Gold Seals Bicycle Playing Cards” designed exclusively for card magic tricks. Many trick decks are made with Bicycle Playing Cards as well.

Plain and simple, whether you’re hosting card game night or amazing friends and family with easy card tricks, you can’t go wrong with Bicycle Playing Cards. Just don’t use them to cheat at cards.

Buy “Bicycle Playing Cards”

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