The Best Playing Card Storage Boxes and Display Cases

Want to stop your playing cards from warping or getting “the click”? Then it’s time to tidy up your playing card collection. Stop wasting all the energy and money put into building your deck collection by just tossing them in a sloppy, ugly pile on your shelf. Let’s take a look at the best playing card storage boxes and display cases.

Best playing card storage and best trading card storage boxes

A few simple changes are all you need to make your playing cards last longer. We actually have a super helpful guide for the best ways to store playing cards. It is definitely worth a read for anyone who collects cards or performs card magic.

For now though, here is a quick look at some of the easiest ways to make your playing cards last:

Brick of Hollingworth Playing Cards

  • Always store your cards in the tuck case instead of letting them sit out in the open
  • Keep your cards in a dark, cool place away from heat and humidity
  • Carry your cards in a coat pocket or backpack as opposed to a pants pocket (our bodies generate a lot of heat)
  • Use a card clip
  • Wash your hands before using your cards

Without a doubt though, the best way to protect your cards is with a dedicated playing card storage and display box. There are so many great options available. To help you choose, our team of professional magicians put together a list of the best playing card displays and storage boxes you can get right now.

(P.S. If you accidentally stumbled upon our magic shop while looking for Magic: The Gathering, you’ll be happy to know these double as the best trading card storage boxes too.)


Velo playing card display case and modular storage system

Designed exclusively with playing card collectors in mind, “Vélo” is the most elegant, flexible, and convenient playing card storage solution ever created. It is the luxurious storage and display option your prized collection deserves.

Vélo is crafted with the finest materials and is named after the French word for Bicycle—a special homage to Bicycle Playing Cards, the most popular playing cards in the world. More than two years were spent painstakingly developing “Vélo” into the perfect all-in-one solution for any playing card collector.

What makes “Vélo” so special is its practical modular design that can be modified to suit your own unique needs. The signature “Vélo Clear” can be used separately to showcase up to 12 of your most cherished decks of cards, while also keeping them safe from dirt, dust, and other harsh elements. Alternatively, you can combine it with up to seven “Vélo Stack” drawers to create a breathtaking wooden cabinet that can serve as its own piece of unique home decor.

velo clear playing card storage

Each section has soft inserts that were carefully designed to hold your favorite decks of cards at the perfect angle for showcasing the amazing and elaborate tuck boxes that often accompany custom decks of cards. It also allows you to easily grab any deck whenever you want. The entire insert can even be removed to create room for other magic props or small objects.

Everything stacks together in seconds without any tools required. Both the “Vélo Clear” and “Vélo Stack” are sold separately, allowing you to customize your “Vélo” display cabinet for your own unique needs and also easily expand it as your collection grows.

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Carat Card Cases

Carat X6 half brick half brick case

Many of the most discerning deck collectors agree that “Carat Card Cases” are the gold standard for affordable playing card storage. These acrylic storage cases are light and durable, providing the right amount of protection while also allowing you to showcasing your prized collection.

The best part about “Carat Playing Card Storage Cases” is the wide array of options they offer. You can get everything from the “Carat X1” for single decks to the “Carat X12” for full bricks and everything in-between. They even have unique offerings like the “Carat XCR4” tiered display and convenient collapsible storage boxes for keeping your cards safe while traveling (great for working magicians!)

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VI Deck Stands

Best playing card deck stand and display

“VI Deck Stands” are the easiest and most affordable way to display a deck of cards. These slick, low-profile options are super lightweight and durable. They can be easily added to any desk or shelf, allowing you to showcase your favorite decks of cards while also having quick access to them whenever you need. You can also use these deck stands to hold predictions or other small objects, making them a great accessory for any stage or parlor magic show.

You get three stands for one low price. Every magician or playing card collector should have some “VI Deck Stands”.

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TCC Premium Wooden Playing Card Storage

TCC premium wooden storage box for playing cards

Those looking for another premium playing card storage alternative should check out the wooden cases developed by TCC. Meticulously crafted from exceptional woods and featuring a wide, clear viewing window, these are a stylish option for any playing card collector.

The ”Wooden Twin Deck Collectors Box” is designed to hold two decks of cards and is crafted from stunning black walnut wood. This sturdy, thick wood offers extra protection against the elements and an internal divider prevents the decks from bumping against each other. Everything is sealed up with a magnetic-locking lid.

The “Premium Wood Playing Card Storage Box” is a slightly larger option crafted from breathtaking ash wood and is available in either an 8-deck or 15-deck version. Each one was meticulously finished to perfection and offers a super-soft flannel lining to keep your tuck boxes from getting damaged.

For the biggest collections, you may want to check out TCC’s massive “Playing Cards Wall Display” designed to hold up to 100 decks of cards. You can also organize your cards in a more unique way with the "TCC Wooden Playing Cards Cabinet" or “Wooden Display Shelf” (which is available in multiple sizes).

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