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Point Blank Assembly Duffie Trick
Point Blank Assembly Duffie
Trick by Wild-Colombini Magic - $15.00

A diabolical three phase routine.Four Kings change places one at a time with four blank cards. The transposition is repeated only this time it occurs instantly. Finally, the four kings disappear altogether and ALL THE CARDS ARE BLANK!set includes all necessary cards

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Point Blank Trick
Point Blank
Trick by Jordan and Ammar Cotler - $20.00

A new card effect! A clever young guy by the name of Jordan Cotler visited Michael and shared with him this fun card trick he came up with. The effect is the best kind: Simple and straight-forward: EffectAny spectator names any card, and every other card instantly turns blank. It immediately resets...

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Factory Blanks Trick
Factory Blanks
Trick by Tom Stone - $35.00

Exclusive to Vanishing Inc. and Cardshark, we are so proud to bring you Tom Stone's Factory Blanks Deck.  Part science, part dual reality, COMPLETELY clever. It's a deck of cards with limitless possibilities. What is it? This deck of cards was carefully designed by Tom Stone to...

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