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Steve Dusheck's Diminishing Cards Trick
Steve Dusheck's Diminishing Cards
Trick by Steve Dusheck - $20.00

Dusheck returns with his first release in decades! And, to kickstart his return, he partnered up with Steve Shufton to produce an improved version of his fabulous Diminishing Cards! Steve Dusheck will tell you, he has five favorite effects in all of magicdom - and the diminishing...

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Card Magic USA Magic download (ebook)
Card Magic USA
Magic download (ebook) by Peter Duffie - $29.95

Hot off the heels of his success with Mind Blasters, Celtic Cabal and more, Peter Duffie has collected magic from his friends in the USA. This new ebook contains mostly unpublished card magic from some of America's finest magicians. 49 contributors from the USA share 80 routines and moves...

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3 Card Routine DVD
3 Card Routine
DVD by Steve Valentine - $50.00

Some of you may know Steve Valentine from TV's CROSSING JORDAN or I'M IN THE BAND, some may remember him as the sly magician on HOUSE or the evil one on MONK, but did you know that back in the day Steve was one of Hollywood's top close up magicians? Vegas headliner and two time winner of The Magic...

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