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Window DVD & props
DVD & props by David Stone - $79.95

2 cards selected1st one appears behind the window / / 2nd card visually changes thru the glassFINALLY, YOU CAN CHANGE A CARD THAT IS BEHIND GLASS. WINDOW by David Stone is not like anything else. Card through glass effects cost upward of $300 and usually require complicated setups or bizarre...

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WindowMation Trick
Trick by Sean Bogunia - $375.00

Sean Bogunia is a name we trust. He does some of the best electronics in the business. We normallly shy away from electronic stuff, but this is top-notch, rock-solid work. Imagine this, a card is selected from an ordinary deck and is shuffled back into the deck. The magician spring...

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Bicycle Steampunk Playing Cards Deck of cards
Bicycle Steampunk Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Theory 11 - $5.51

At the edge of industry, therein lies Steampunk. Ripped from the pages of science fiction, the gears are turning, the steam is pumping, and the playing cards were finally born. It wasn't easy. Opening the box, you will discover 52 pieces of machinery. The depth of the playing cards is fittingly...

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