Exciting Updates About the Vanishing Inc. Magic Stores!

By Vanishing Inc. - Tuesday, June 20, 2023

We recently felt like little kids again as our gorgeous brand-new sign was unveiled at the Vanishing Inc. Magic Shop on Pier 39 in San Francisco. This stunning marquee was designed by our very own Michal Kociolek and marks the first time our name is on the front of a brick-and-mortar magic store. It really is a dream come true!

Top Magic Shop in San Francisco Did you spot the hidden easter egg? The Jack and Ace on the sign are a subtle nod to Vanishing Inc. Cofounders Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin.

It's been a little over a year since we first took over both the Pier 39 magic store and Main Street Magic Shop in Disneyland. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create an exceptional shopping experience that caters to beginners, hobbyists, and professionals alike. Those who haven't visited the stores since the renovations began, likely won't even recognize them.

See for yourself with these photos highlighting the amazing evolution of the Vanishing Inc. Magic Shop on Pier 39 into the best magic shop in San Francisco.

Gone are the days of dusty, outdated magic props. Walk in today to find a selection of the best new magic tricks, as well as a huge selection of magic books and other props and accessories.

magic books for sale in a magic store

One of the most popular new features is our wall of playing cards. It is regularly updated with a selection of the best premium playing cards. Of course, we also have your trusty Bicycle cards too.

the best playing cards

You can also check out a variety of our top-selling Vanishing Inc. Wonders and even try many of them out before you buy. Just beware of the Kendamas. Once you start, you won't be able to stop.

the best kendama for beginners

Undoubtedly though, one of the most exciting additions has been the introduction of our beginner magic line designed to help everyone learn magic tricks the right way. As part of our commitment to helping grow the art of magic, we've taken all the best easy magic tricks and completely overhauled the entire learning experience.

best easy magic tricks for beginners

In addition to beautiful new packaging and props, we've tackled one of the biggest challenges preventing potential magicians from really diving into the craft—the instructions. For years, popular beginner magic tricks like the Svengali Deck, UFO Card, and Sponge Balls, have ended up in the backs of many drawers because the included instructions made them difficult to learn. Often just a single piece of paper with small font and the most basic ideas, these instructions have regularly been cited as a major barrier to entry for potential magicians.

So, we created exciting new comprehensive video tutorials. These videos make it easy to learn and help magicians get started immediately. In addition to the main techniques, they offers tons of routines that anyone can use to amaze their friends and family right away.

Can't make it into our stores? Our new beginners line also includes a variety of amazing beginner magic downloads featuring the top easy magic tricks. From card magic to close up magic and even mentalism, there is something for everyone with any interest in learning magic. They make great gifts for the magic enthusiasts in your life too.

See The Whole Beginners Line

The next time you're in California and looking for a magic store, make sure to stop by the Vanishing Inc. Magic Stores. Even if you just want to check out of a free magic demonstration or chat with one our knowledgeable in-store magicians, we'd love to have you!

Click the button below to find the address, see store hours and more.

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Wednesday, 21 June 2023 20:50 PM - Reply to this comment

great news!


Tuesday, 27 June 2023 18:23 PM - Reply to this comment

Looks great. I visited I think when the shop was still in transition. I'll go again soon and check out the end result!


Thursday, 29 June 2023 03:05 AM - Reply to this comment

Now you need to get an equally beautiful sign up at Disneyland!

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