Our Best Selling Wooden Puzzles

There are so many benefits to puzzles, from training your brain to helping you concentrate or even be more creative. Some people even believe puzzles can make you smarter.

We don’t just mean jigsaw puzzles either. Because, let’s be honest, whether it’s a 500 piece or a 1,000 piece puzzle, most jigsaw puzzles offer the same goal. That’s why we’ve curated a variety of different puzzles and brain teasers such as pentomino puzzles, tavern puzzles, stomachion puzzles, and more, as part of our Vanishing Inc. Wonders.

yosegi japanese puzzle box on table

Out of all our puzzles, wooden puzzles are definitely some of our most popular items. These aren’t small peg puzzles like you’d find at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant, or wooden toddler puzzles and preschool puzzles like knob puzzles and shape puzzles. These are premium quality artisan puzzles made by hand by some of the best puzzle makers in the world.

The ultimate wooden puzzle gift guide featuring our best selling wooden puzzles:

Mystery Chest Puzzle Box

mystery chest puzzle box with question mark logo and solution

The simplicity of the Mystery Chest Puzzle Box offers a false sense of security. Its deceptive locking system makes opening the box much harder than you’d think.

With it’s bold and mysterious question mark logo, this captivating puzzle box looks great on any shelf and makes for an ideal gift box for storing money, toys, jewelry or other small objects. It is the perfect gift for someone who has everything or the puzzle lover in your life.

Japanese Puzzle Boxes

solved yosegi japanese puzzle box with solution

Japanese Puzzle Boxes, also known as Yosegi Puzzle Boxes or Himitsu-Bako (personal secret boxes), have been a cherished part of Japanese culture for more than a century. With no obvious opening or starting point, these puzzles unveil themselves as you solve them. With a variety of different difficulty levels from 2 steps to more than 100 steps, they are a great wooden puzzle for adults and kids.

The Japanese Puzzle Boxes we stock are handmade in Japan by artisan puzzle makers. Each Yosegi Puzzle Box is a true work of art that is also a great piece of unique home decor, office decoration or desk accessory.

yosegi puzzle box 21 step with solution

Our 10-Step Japanese Puzzle Box has a stunning Yosegi inlay and is easy enough for a beginner while also offering enough challenges for any experienced puzzler. It is the same wooden puzzle box that guests of Joshua Jay’s off-broadway magic show Six Impossible Things (one of NYC’s best parlor magic shows) would test their skills on each night while waiting for their meet-and-greet after the show.

For those seeking a challenging puzzle for adults and kids, we’d recommend our 21 Step Japanese Puzzle Box. This is one of the most difficult puzzles we offer. It has taken some puzzlers hours to solve. Adorned with a gorgeous Mount Fuji and Tsubaki flower inlay, it’s also a stunning conversation piece.

Labyrinth Puzzle Box

labyrinth maze puzzle box with solution

Puzzle fans love getting lost in the enchanting design of this attractive Labyrinth Puzzle Box. It’s eye-catching maze artwork is perfectly symbolic of the sneaky mechanism that prevents the box from being opened.

With a tough, but not impossible, solution, the Labyrinth Puzzle Box is a great puzzle for kids or any newer puzzler. The gorgeous box can also hold precious items and is a fantastic addition to any puzzle collection.

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Dovetail Puzzle Box

dovetail puzzle box with keyhole design and solution

Embellished with a captivating keyhole design, the Dovetail Puzzle Box immediately draws you into its world of mystery. Built with just two solid birch wood pieces, it looks like an easy puzzle for kids. Yet, solving this puzzle poses unique obstacles that will require you to challenge your brain.

Polar Star Puzzle

polar star puzzle with solution

This unique puzzle offers a different mission than many of our other wooden puzzles. Instead of opening a box, you must instead disassemble the puzzle and reassemble it back into its distinct star shape.

The small number of pieces makes this seem like an easy task. Yet, looks can be deceiving. While the Polar Star Puzzle is a great wooden puzzle for beginners, many experienced puzzlers will also enjoy the unique challenges it poses.

As an added bonus, the Polar Star Wooden Puzzle is designed to be a cool office supply you can keep on your desk or on a shelf when not in use. You also get a special brochure filled with fun facts about the puzzle’s namesake.

Sliding Stick Puzzle Box

sliding sticks puzzle box with solution

The Sliding Stick Puzzle Box is one of the hardest wooden puzzles available. It is a bestseller and beloved by experienced puzzlers.

To solve the Sliding Stick Puzzle Box, you must arrange the eight “sticks” running through the box in the correct order. As if finding this perfect combination wasn’t hard enough, you’ll also need to determine which side is the "top". This is not as easy as it seems when you consider both the “top” and “bottom” are decorated identically.

The Sliding Sticks Puzzle Box is constructed from amazing rosewood in India by expert puzzle makers. WIth its expert craftsmanship and substantial size, this attractive puzzle box is also a piece of fine art.

Best Puzzles for Adults and Kids

These best selling wooden puzzles are just some of the many fun puzzles, mindful play toys, productivity tools, unique home decor, fine art and, of course, magic tricks, that we are continually adding to our collection.

You can also start experiencing the benefits of puzzles and brain teaser right now for free with these 7 Mind Blowing Brain Teasers or these 9 Brain Teasers and Riddles to Challenge your Friends and Family with.

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