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Ethereal Deck Trick
Ethereal Deck
Trick by Vernet - 38.00

By "No Way Bottle Production" creator, here comes "Ethereal"; a stunning vanishing deck, simple, direct and professional. Perfect for parlor and...

Four Nightmares DX Trick
Four Nightmares DX
Trick by Ltd. Tenyo Co. - 59.95

A new, sensational rope routine from Tenyo. Learn "Professor's Nightmare", then continue with 4 additional effects. Easy to handle with...

Four Square Blendo Trick
Four Square Blendo
Trick by Vincenzo Di Fatta - 38.92

EffectThis is one of the most beautiful and classic effects of magic! Very Easy To Do! The magician shows the audience five silks. One is red, one is...

Bicycle Jumbo 52 on 1 Card Accessory
Bicycle Jumbo 52 on 1 Card
Accessory by none - 2.40

The perfect gag card. The magician says that he'll find the spectator's selected card. He produces the 52 on 1 card triumphantly. Of course the...

Magnetic Reel Trick
Magnetic Reel
Trick by Henry Evans - 45.00

Magnetic Reel from Henry Evans From World Champion in Cardmagic FISM 2000, Henry Evans, comes a great new reel. A clever magnetic system allows for a...

Roped Trick
Trick by Juan Pablo - 45.00

"It fooled me! This is clean, strong, straightforward magic. Send me one!" -Henry Evans Juan Pablo, one of the most innovative magicians in Argentina...

Silk Poke Vanisher Trick
Silk Poke Vanisher
Trick by Goshman - 3.33

EffectThe magician shows both of his hands empty and removes an 18" silk handkerchief. He pushes the silk into his closed fist with the aid of a...

The Crystal Tube Trick
The Crystal Tube
Trick by Goshman - 11.68

A crystal tube is shown. The magician puts inside the tube, three separate silks. He then blows the silks from the tube where they have magically...

The Movie Trick
The Movie
Trick by Gee Magic and Mario Daniel - 55.00

The magician shows a case with a virgin DVD inside and asks the spectator to sign it. Then he shows his collection of cinema tickets containing his...

Hare Raising Hats (Parlor Size) Trick
Hare Raising Hats (Parlor Size)
Trick by Paul Hallas - 20.00

An animal production you can perform in restaurants! An ideal card routine for children and family groups. This is an adorable card...

Break Away Wand Trick
Break Away Wand
Trick by Uday's Magic World - 5.95

Every time that the performer hands his magic wand to someone else, it falls apart in their hands!

Always Full, Always Empty  Trick
Always Full, Always Empty
Trick by Vernet Magic - 12.00

EFFECT:You show your audience a small black plastic tube with two silver caps on the ends. You show the tube to be completely empty and hand it out...

Card Captured Trick
Card Captured
Trick by Bazar De Magia - 19.00

Here's a great card magic effect, to be performed as close up or parlor magic. A genial trick, easy to perform, surprising and very commercial. It...

Zombie Silk Pro Trick
Zombie Silk Pro
Trick by Bazar De Magia - 35.00

Looking for the ultimate silk for your Zombie ball routine? Not all silks are appropriate - some are too thin, some have sizes that are...

Mentalism Forcing Bag Trick
Mentalism Forcing Bag
Trick by Bazar De Magia - 25.00

Imagine the following: you show a bag containing dozens of pieces of paper. Each has the name of a different and famous character written in it....

Phantom Tube Trick
Phantom Tube
Trick by Bazar De Magia - 45.00

A classic magic effect! A tube is shown completely empty. The magician then covers both ends so nothing can get inside. Magically, upon...

Bubbly Trick
Trick by Sonny Fontana - 25.00

Soap bubbles. Kids love 'em. For adults, they hold an inherent beauty. Imagine if you could produce bubbles from your bare hands--at any time...

Trick by CLIMAX - 65.00

With CROSS CHOICE, you can control and predict your spectator's choice! CROSS CHOICE is the perfect finale to the classic effect from Ali Bongo,...

Bicycle Split Pop Eyed Popper Deck  Deck of cards
Bicycle Split Pop Eyed Popper Deck
Deck of cards by Murphy's Manufacturing - 9.95

A great deck that allows you to accomplish miracles! The Split Pop Eyed Popper Deck is a "secret weapon" among magicians and mentalists...

The Cocktail Trick
The Cocktail
Trick by Gustavo Raley - 69.95

Imagine performing the classic effect, Sands of the Desert with colorful liquids! An original effect that is visual, easy to do and makes a...

R2 DVD or download
DVD or download by Chris Randall - $24.95

The Best Routine in Magic" Rocco The classic Linking Rings effect is a timeless piece of magic that can provoke unbelievable reactions... when...

Trick by Juan Pablo Ibañez - 39.95

New from Juan Pablo Magic - BLUFFF! Show a spectator a beautiful, black silk scarf. Blow on the scarf, and a beautiful image of a rose...

Malini Egg Bag (Red) Accessory
Malini Egg Bag (Red)
Accessory by Iñaki Zaballeta - 25.00

A trick that has successfully been sold for years is in stock and has now been reloaded. The classic Malini Egg Bag, a routine used over and over...

AmazeBox Kraft Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive AmazeBox Kraft
Trick by Mark Shortland - 59.95

The Amazebox and Amazebox Black remain Vanishing Inc's best sellers of ALL TIME. Now this critically-praised, best-selling trick just got three...

Classic Botania Jumbo Trick
Classic Botania Jumbo
Trick by Mr. Magic - 80.00

The magician shows an empty tube open at both ends and then places it on a flat wooden base. He drops a flower dart in it or sprinkles some...

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