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Calculated Chaos Book or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Calculated Chaos
Book or download by Chris Westfall - $20.00 $14.00 (SAVE $6.00)

When working professionals pour their hearts into their magic, we take notice. Chris Westfall is one of the best and busiest magicians in the...

Alcatraz Box DVD & props
Alcatraz Box
DVD & props by Mickael Chatelain - 45.00

After collaborating with the American magician Paul Harris for INK, and after the success of HOLE, Michael is now pleased to offer its new effect...

Heads Or Tails Trick
Heads Or Tails
Trick by Gary Kosnitzky - 10.00

"Imagine being able to toss a spinning coin high up in the air and possess the uncanny ability to predict whether it will land on heads or tails side...

Kundalini Rising Cards   Trick
Kundalini Rising Cards
Trick by Jeff McBride - 18.00

The new edition of Kundalani Rising includes a color cover for the directions and a page of new notes and handlings. Dangerously close to the...

Amazing Card Secrets of Ammar DVD
Amazing Card Secrets of Ammar
DVD by Michael Ammar - $30.00 $15.00 (SAVE $15.00)

Just released on DVD - one of Ammar's best for beginners: Amazing Secrets of Card Magic - Your complete introduction to card magic!  ...

The Diagonal Palm Pass DVD
The Diagonal Palm Pass
DVD by Alex Pandrea - 20.00

Alex Pandrea has been hailed as a modern master of the pass and for good reason! His passes are incredible. Here, he provides valuable insight...

RollerCoaster Double Magic download (video)
RollerCoaster Double
Magic download (video) by Alessandro Parabaighi - 2.95

Want to add a bit of flair to your next card trick? Well look no further than Italian underground sensation Alessandro Parabiaghi's Roller...

OCD Deck DVD & props
OCD Deck
DVD & props by SansMinds - 35.00

This deck does everything for you and you can even perform it surrounded. Imagine having the spectator holding a shuffled deck of playing cards...

Don England's Ultra Collectors Trick
Don England's Ultra Collectors
Trick by Don England - 10.00

The four tens are removed from the deck and tabled face-up. Three cards are then selected, memorized and lost in the pack. The tens are placed on...

Twilight Angel Full Deck Accessory
Twilight Angel Full Deck
Accessory by Paul Harris - 20.00

Twilight Angels is Paul Harris' all time favorite effect from TA. This classic PH Astonishment is finally available with a full deck of 52...

Mirage Deck (Bicycle) Deck of cards
Mirage Deck (Bicycle)
Deck of cards by Unknown - 7.50

Beginner magicians will be floored by it and working professionals will be angry it took them so long to discover it. The incredibly easy-to-use...

ACE by Richard Sanders Trick
ACE by Richard Sanders
Trick by Richard Sanders - 25.00

A disturbingly clean 4 card change that happens in the spectator's own hands!  Effect: 2 jokers are cleanly placed int the spectator's...

Hummer Card Trick
Hummer Card
Trick by Jon Jenson and Jon Jensen - 10.00

This tribute to one of the greatest magic inventors is now being offered by one of magic's best writers and illustrators, Jon Jensen. Learn how...

NFW  Trick
Trick by Gary Freed - 19.95

If you have to ask what the name stands for, you haven't seen it done! Effect: You display a packet of four face up Jokers. As you count through...

Twizted DVD
DVD by Eric Jones - 40.00

Eric's take on twisting the aces. Four cards are used, one at at time the cards turn face up in progressively more visual, and impressive ways....

Haunted Deck Bicycle Accessory
Haunted Deck Bicycle
Accessory by Unknown - 7.50

Haunted Deck Bicycle (Blue)   Deck only.  No instructions.

Switchblade DVD
DVD by Dan Harlan - 25.00

This is a robust gimmick which allows for color changes, vanishes, transpositions and more. This one gimmick does is all! Switchblade is...

Surfaced DVD DVD
Surfaced DVD
DVD by Chad Nelson - $40.00 $20.00 (SAVE $20.00)

This is a tough move to learn but the effort is well worth it. This is one move with an unbelievable number of posibilities. Imagine If You...

Ambitious Card DVD
Ambitious Card
DVD by Daryl Easton - 29.95

The Ambitious Card is one of those rare things in magic - a "perfect" effect. It is quick and easy to understand, yet has variations...

Phil Trick Trick
Phil Trick
Trick by Phil Goldstein and Trevor Duffy - 25.00

A deck of cards is set down on a table. A spectator is asked simply to think of any playing card, and the magician says he will name it. After...

Cardtoon 2 Trick
Cardtoon 2
Trick by Dan Harlan - 18.00

The sequel to one of the top-selling card tricks ever...   Spectator names any card (no force). The performer shows drawings on the backs of...

Essentials in Magic- Invisible Deck DVD
Essentials in Magic- Invisible Deck
DVD by Daryl Easton - 9.95

The Invisible Deck is one of the most popular trick decks of cards in the world. If you want to perform entertaining miracles with virtually no...

Sniper DVD
DVD by Horret Tsai - 30.00

Red Tsai, with his original "Mah-Jong" routine, which is modern as well as oriental, earned several trophies worldwide. Not only did he win the...

Shinkansen  Trick
Trick by Phil Goldstein - 15.00

An extremely efficient, practical, easy and stunning approach to the classic "Cards Across" plot for close-up or stage conditions ...

Velocity : High-Caliber Card Throwing System DVD or download
Velocity : High-Caliber Card Throwing System
DVD or download by Rick Smith - $29.95

Rick Smith Jr. is THE card throwing champion for speed, distance and accuracy. Not only that, he is a WORLD RECORD HOLDER for throwing a playing...

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