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Time Trick
Trick by Lee Jah Bond - $49.95

An illusion of time and mind. "Time" is an elegant and sophisticated piece of powerful magic plucked directly from Lee Jah Bond's working...

Prediction Ball Trick
Prediction Ball
Trick by JL Magic - $5.95

A magician will show different types of balls on the board, a spectator picks a random number from 1 to 6. Surprisingly, a magician chooses a ball's...

3D Stretch Rubber Plate Trick
3D Stretch Rubber Plate
Trick by JL Magic - $5.00

Make a coin visually penetrate through a piece of rubber. This super easy coin through rubber magic trick that gets amazing reactions. You start by...

Collector's Square Trick
Collector's Square
Trick by Secret Factory - $59.95

"Collector's Square" is a self-working miracle and beautiful collector's piece in one amazing package. Four beautiful wood pieces are...

How to Control Minds Kit Trick
How to Control Minds Kit
Trick by Peter Turner and - $149.00

Harness the key to the deepest secrets of mentalism and mind control. Following the success of their "How to Read Mind Kids Kit",...

Marking Collection Trick
Marking Collection
Trick by Secret Factory - $18.00

"Marking Collection" brings the idea of a marked deck of cards into a whole new realm. Discover how marked cards no longer need to only be...

Mental Dust Trick
Mental Dust
Trick by Luis Enrique Peralta - $35.00

A fun update to the classic "ashes on the arm" trick that can be done on the spectator's arm. A card is selected by the spectator. They...

The Present Trick
The Present
Trick by Dylan Sausset and Axel Vergnaud - $49.95

An impossible location and prediction box wrapped up into one beautiful package. "The Present" is a durable, 3D-printed box that allows...

Cannabis Sponge Balls and Never Ending Spliffs Trick
Cannabis Sponge Balls and Never Ending Spliffs
Trick by Adam Wilber and Vulpine Creations - $40.00

A unique and edgy take on sponge magic reserved for elevated minds. Be advised this trick is not for everyone and has themes that might not resonate...

Vanishing Inc. exclusive Mario "The Maker Magician" Marchese Masterclass
Live lecture by Mario Marchese - $75.00

This more than 4-hour download is an inspirational and practical roadmap for a successful career in magic from one of the busiest magicians in the...

Easy Money Trick
Easy Money
Trick by Spencer Kennard - $34.95 $26.25 (SAVE $8.70)

A slick and modern update to a classic effect. Magicians around the world have been using Tom Burgoon's "Power Pickpocket" for decades. It...

Super Version Double Face Super Triple Coin Trick
Super Version Double Face Super Triple Coin
Trick by Johnny Wong - $120.00

The "Super Version Double Face Super Triple Coin" is a remarkable gimmicked coin set from master magician Johnny Wong. It is like having...

A.B.See Trick
Trick by Spidey - $34.95

Unlock the power of a devastating mentalism tool that will leave your audiences speechless. "Spidey has taken a classic concept, made the...

Flipbook Magician Trick
Flipbook Magician
Trick by JOTA ILUSIONISTA and Jota - $65.00

A truly unique take on the classic ring flight effect. The spectator's ring disappears and reappears in one of the most unique locations ever used in...

Frosty Trick
Trick by Magik Time and Nox - $39.95

One of the most unique prediction reveals you've ever seen. "It's an awesome effect!" Xavier Mortimer "Frosty" is an amazingly...

Twin Cube Trick
Twin Cube
Trick by Bacon Magic and Longlong - $75.00

A truly clever new Rubik's Cube magic prop from Magician Long Long and Bacon Magic. You start by introducing a regular sized Rubik's Cube and a Mini...

Switch-A-Two Trick
Trick by Mark Mason, Ian Fraser and Chris Payne - $49.95

A devastating and invisible switch that happens right in front of the spectator's eyes. Roughly two decades ago, Mark Mason had the entire magic...

Mind Device Trick
Mind Device
Trick by Julio Montoro - $39.95

Easily uncover your spectator's deepest thoughts. Brought to you by Julio Montoro, "Mind Device" is the modern peeking device that...

The Moment Trick
The Moment
Trick by Andy Nyman - $29.95

One of magic’s most beloved performers and creators presents the opportunity to create an unforgettable experience between you and your spectator...

Move Ink Trick
Move Ink
Trick by ilya Anatolyevich - $39.95

A shocking visual that will leave jaws on the floor. The "Move Ink" gimmick enables a strange array of shapes on the back of a playing card...

Mirror: Rubik's Cube Trick
Mirror: Rubik's Cube
Trick by Rodrigo Romano - From $30.00

Harness the power to duplicate and transform reality. "Mirror: Rubik's Cube" gives you the ability to magically duplicate a Rubik's Cube...

Flash Gum Wrapper Accessory
Flash Gum Wrapper
Accessory by Eric Ross - $19.95

Flash paper that looks like a gum wrapper. This is one of the easiest and most organic ways to grab attention with any magic trick. "Flash Gum...

Vanishing Inc. Sessions: Juan Tamariz Trick or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Vanishing Inc. Sessions: Juan Tamariz
Trick or download by Juan Tamariz - $49.95

This is truly unprecedented. When perhaps the greatest living magician agrees to conduct a nearly-four-hour expert workshop on the performance of...

The Vault - Spl-its Project Magic download (video)
The Vault - Spl-its Project
Magic download (video) by Adam Wilber and Vulpine Creations - $15.00

An innovative system that enables you to perform magic tricks so visual, you'll swear they are CGI. With more than 1-hour of detailed instruction...

Mind Pro Set Trick
Mind Pro Set
Trick by Luca Volpe and Paul McCraig - $60.00

The Mind Pro Set is a full 20 minutes self-contained close-up Mentalism set that is designed to be performed under 'spatially aware' and close up...

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