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At Vanishing Inc. we believe that you can get something for nothing. Some of our magic downloads. We've put together a collection of samples and full editions of some amazing content.

Andi's full book all about going pro called, well, Going Pro. Free. 45 minute show from Luke Jermay using the Marksman deck. Free. Magic in Mind? Yes, a book with contributions from Derren Brown, Teller, Tamariz and more. Free.

And then there's the samplers. All free, giving you a taster of what the real deal is like. If you've ever thought about learning a stack, then you have to try The Memory Arts sampler. But there is, quite literally, something for everyone here. Enjoy!

PIN Magic download (ebook)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive PIN
Magic download (ebook) by Andi Gladwin - Free

To celebrate Halloween, we're giving away a completely free, freaky trick by our very own Andi Gladwin (who appears to like writing in third person). The effect is simple, but pretty disgusting looking: The magician takes a thumb tack (drawing pin) and slowly pushes it into his...

Experience preview Magic download (ebook)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Experience preview
Magic download (ebook) by Jon Allen - Free

Preview Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen for free! This 15-page ebook contains a glimpse into the pages of this great new book. You'll get to read the publisher's introduction, plus learn three great previously unpublished tricks. Download this free ebook today and then...

Memories Are Made of This Magic download (ebook)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Memories Are Made of This
Magic download (ebook) by Simon Aronson - Free

Memorized deck magic is a whole new world for the card magician, and it has become a blooming intellectual industry. On a personal note, Simon’s thoughts and discoveries in this area changed the way I think about card magic. And taking your first two steps into this world are painless. ...

Under, Over Magic download (ebook)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Under, Over
Magic download (ebook) by Joshua Jay - Free

My original idea was simple: I wanted to write a manual for young magicians, and I wanted it to be free. Being a magician can be tough, and so can being a teenager. Being both presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges. The booklet I’ve written, and present to you here at...