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Christopher Rawlins, Mark Elson, Luca Volpe, Luke Jermay, Pete Turner and many more have mentalism downloads available at Vanishing Inc. And you can find them here.

If reading minds is your thing, and why wouldn't it be, you'll find lots of mental gems for you to download right here.

From the virtually self working to the more advanced, if you're interested in mentalism, this is the section for you.

Reader of Minds! Magic download (ebook)
Reader of Minds!
Magic download (ebook) by Paul Kevin Bell - $25.00

It's time to upgrade your mentalism show and become a true Reader of Minds!After years working with "shut eye" mediums and clairvoyants, Voodini is here to show you how to perform gimmickless mind-reading, without the billet switches, center tears, electronic gimmickry, and stooges. Your show...

The Voodini Steps to Mentalism Magic download (ebook)
The Voodini Steps to Mentalism
Magic download (ebook) by Paul Kevin Bell - $80.00

First came Corinda and his 13 Steps to Mentalism, and now Paul Voodini presents his own version of them in The Voodini Steps to Mentalism. In 352 pages, he examines the same 13 steps, but adding real-world advice and anecdotes from his time as a professional entertainer. The full chapter...

Palm Reading for Magicians Magic download (video)
Palm Reading for Magicians
Magic download (video) by Paul Kevin Bell - $40.00

If you've been wondering how to start palm reading for fun or profit, then you need Voodini's Palm Reading for Magicians! This comprehensive video shows you everything you need to get started with your own palm reading, and includes all the tips and techniques to start performing immediately....

Q&A Evolution Magic download (video)
Q&A Evolution
Magic download (video) by Scott Creasey - $39.95

After seven years of constant testing, Q&A Evolution is ready for you! This incredible mentalism download will show you how to retrieve information about written audience questions without using electronics, stooges, assistants, pre-show or demanding sleight of hand!Better yet, the props...

Deckless ACAAN Magic download (ebook)
Deckless ACAAN
Magic download (ebook) by UNKNOWN MENTALIST - $30.00

Based on an old and underused method, here are 16 ACAAN routines, some that are even deckless, to confound and flabbergast your spectators! Deckless ACAAN is perfect for the mentalist - no stooges, no swami, no sleights, no anything! You can even perform this again immediately with a...

The Recipe Magic download (video)
The Recipe
Magic download (video) by Christopher Taylor - $15.00

It takes the right ingredients to make the perfect effect, and that's exactly what The Recipe does! This is a beautifully crafted recipe for a mentalism routine, where a spectator helps you perform an impossible feat! An onstage spectator chooses a number (1-100) and a color. Not only does the...

The Committee Magic download (ebook)
The Committee
Magic download (ebook) by Sam (Rickard) Wooding - $5.00

You'll always be ready to perform with The Committee by your side! This is powerful mentalism that you can carry with you anywhere in your wallet!After you introduce a "Game of Life" envelope, a spectator chooses a random vehicle, whether to get married or buy a house, and a random number between 1...

A Complete Psychic Workshop Style Show Magic download (ebook)
A Complete Psychic Workshop Style Show
Magic download (ebook) by Jonathan Royle and Alex William Smith - $20.00

Looking to build a show about psychic powers and their development? Then A Complete Psychic Workshop Style Show has what you're looking for.This pdf is 23 packed pages of a "Develop Your Psychic Powers" type of show. Included are the names of two publicly available book, one to use as a prop for...

Newmeric Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Alessandro Criscione - $15.00

You can call it precognition or coincidence, but you'll definitely be calling it incredible!The spectator selects some cards and produces a secret number. Then they deal down in the deck to that number, only to find the number written on the back of the selected card!It's too random to be possible,...

iChange Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Jassher Singh - $8.00

It looks so good, it might be real magic! Download iChange and get ready to perform miracle revelations.  Imagine holding two card perpendicularly. Everything seems normal, but when you push the upper card downward, suddenly the faces do not match! For the spectators, the world...

Arbitrium Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by David Jonathan - $8.95

Why do a ACAAN with one deck when you can up the apparent impossibility with two decks? That's the beauty of ARBITRIUM. Imagine removing a prediction card and placing it in your pocket. You then bring out two decks, one with numbered cards and one standard deck. The spectator makes...

The Vault - Miles from Nowhere Magic download (video)
The Vault - Miles from Nowhere
Magic download (video) by Bryan Miles - $9.95

Get ready for some astonishing and astounding mind-reading effects in Miles From Nowhere, by Bryan Miles. This incredible ebook collection will allow demonstration of extraordinary powers, including stealing a spectator's password, predicting a selected destination in time, and...

Forget to Remember Magic download (video)
Forget to Remember
Magic download (video) by Ryan Schlutz - $9.95

Get ready to melt a spectator's mind! The spectator won't know what hit them when they Forget to Remember, by Ryan Schultz and Big Blind Media.A spectator mentally creates a card, but when they try to find it in the deck, it's not there! Then the magician shakes the card box, and one card is found...

The Vortex Magic download (ebook)
The Vortex
Magic download (ebook) by Sam (Rickard) Wooding - $5.00

If you are tired of normal book tests, welcome to The Vortex.Imagine approaching a spectator and asking them to mentally select a word from a poem. The performer starts to see a jumble of letters and writes them down. It turns out each letter was in their thought-of word! The spectator thinks of...

Steamed Smoke Magic download (ebook)
Steamed Smoke
Magic download (ebook) by Sam (Rickard) Wooding - $20.00

Ready for a new principle that allows you to divine star signs, pictures, and so much more? Then welcome to Steamed Smoke. Steamed Smoke requires only one asked question, but it will teach you three new principles to elicit information without asking additional questions. Routines include:Stop...

Humming Words Magic download (video)
Humming Words
Magic download (video) by Cameron Francis - $9.95

Looking for some mentalism effect with audience participation that is completely different? From the mind of Cameron Francis comes Humming Words!Imagine a spectator fairly mixes a packet of random letter cards and then creates a word. Not only do you know the created word, but you predicted which...

Paul Brook Live Lecture  Live lecture
Paul Brook Live Lecture
Live lecture by Paul Brook - $7.95
Already aired. Download the lecture now!

Paul Brook. Need we say more? If you haven't heard of him, seriously, get out from under that rock! Many consider him to be among the most creative modern mentalists in the world. And he's ready to teach you some of his pet effects, including some from his high-paying trade show. Learn...

After Dark Magic download (video)
After Dark
Magic download (video) by Matt Johnson - $19.95

After Dark by Matt Johnson - Achieve the power of X-Ray vision! Ever since its release, Dark Arts by Matt Mello has become a favorite amongst Magicians and Mentalists all over the world. With permission from Matt Mello himself, Matt Johnson has taken the original Dark Arts...

The Vault - Psychokinetic Silverware Magic download (video)
The Vault - Psychokinetic Silverware
Magic download (video) by Banachek - $19.95

You'll see cold, hard steel melt like butter, bending, twisting, breaking and moving seemingly on its own, even in a spectator's hand! Banachek's metal bending is so amazing and so realistic that he has often been accused of being and doing "the real thing." In fact, after studying...

The Vault - Gerard on Hoy Magic download (video)
The Vault - Gerard on Hoy
Magic download (video) by Andrew Gerard - $14.95

Bro Gilbert joins Andrew Gerard on this first instalment of their studio sessions series for a no nonsense, no hype, jam session on David Hoy's legendary principle. A rare opportunity to get inside the head of one of magic's most original thinkers and creators. Gerard on Hoy is a master...

In This Order Magic download (video)
In This Order
Magic download (video) by Christopher Rawlins - $10.00

Chris Rawlins has emerged as a leading voice in mentalism. In his native UK, Chris lights up some of the most prestigious stages and venues with his unique brand of mentalism. With "In this Order" Chris shares a simple yet powerful routine that just might be the perfect opener of your next show....

Multiplicity (Download) Magic download (video)
Multiplicity (Download)
Magic download (video) by Max Maven - $75.00

The choice is yours.. . . or is it?The wait is over, and Max Maven's Multiplicity is here.In this remarkable DVD you will learn techniques and subtleties involving equivoque and multiple outs, including ideas revealed for the very first time, plus over two dozen routines.Join Max and special guest...

Headline Predictions Baked Inside Bread Magic download (video)
Headline Predictions Baked Inside Bread
Magic download (video) by Devin Knight - $25.00

This book describes, in detail, the methods behind the two greatest headline predictions ever performed. The first one was performed by mentalist Robert Nelson in 1947, and was known as the Miracle Prediction of the Age. It achieved worldwide publicity overnight. In 1985, Devin Knight ala...

The Envelopologist Magic download (video)
The Envelopologist
Magic download (video) by Scott Creasey - $24.95

The Envelopologist - utility envelope switches for the working mentalist. In the early 1990s Roy Johnson introduced Scott Creasey to the "Shaxon Flap" envelope invented by Alan Shaxon and his love affair with the use of envelopes in mentalism began. Since then Scott Creasey has produced...

PIN by Scott Creasey Magic download (video)
PIN by Scott Creasey
Magic download (video) by Scott Creasey - $15.00

Ask a volunteer to guess your PIN by naming any four-digit number and then prove beyond a doubt they got it right. In this twenty minute video Scott shares the routine and handling he has been using for years in order to enable a volunteer to guess the PIN for his American Express Card,...