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Prequel/Sequel DVD
DVD by Allan Ackerman - $34.95

Four of the most incredible card effects you've ever seen! Start clean, end clean - and in between is pure MAGIC!Allan Ackerman is one of the world's foremost experts at sleight-of-hand magic and gambling moves with playing cards. On this amazing DVD you will be treated to four of the most...

Powerball 60 DVD
Powerball 60
DVD by Richard Sanders and Bill Abbott - $24.95

The EASIEST, most PRACTICAL MINDREADING effect EVER! EFFECT:Have a spectator think of any number between 1 and 60 and to imagine that number as their secret winning lottery number. For fun, hand them your used scratch tickets and ask them to see how many winners they would have had.By this simple...

Pop Haydn's Comedy Four Ring Routine DVD
Pop Haydn's Comedy Four Ring Routine
DVD by Tricks Of The Trade Inc. - $35.00

Pop Haydn is a past vice-president of the Magic Castle in Hollywood, as well as a six time award winner there for his performances in close-up, stage, parlor, and bar magic.He has performed all over the world, and in every kind of performing venue-- including television, cruise ships, amusement...

Pop Card DVD
Pop Card
DVD by Steven and Michael Pignataro - $20.00

EffectAn audience member is asked to select ANY card and sign their name on the front of the card. The card is then lost into the deck. The card magically vanishes from the deck. After various comical attempts to find the audience members signed card in the deck the magician finally gives up. The...

Poker Cheats Exposed DVD
Poker Cheats Exposed
DVD by Sal Piacente - $49.99

A DVD designed to help you, the player, protect yourself against cheating by exposing the moves, devices, and psychology that the sharks use.For the first time ever, 20-year casino consultant, Sal Piacente and "Charlie", the 45-year elusive poker shark, join forces to share their knowledge of the...

Pocket This DVD
Pocket This
DVD by Christopher D. and Jones Congreave - $20.00

GJ 6 Cards to Pocket (Gary Jones' signature routine) Many magicians have been trying to get Gary to release this routine for years. Now he's finally sharing it with the magic community. The cards, a signed ace to six, all vanish individually and appear in order in the magician's pocket. Gary Jones...

Pimpin DVD
DVD by Nathan Kranzo - $25.00

...With the Blessing of Paul Harris EffectPerform you favorite card effects and then transform the deck into A STACK OF CASH! THE PIMPIN DVD Step by step DVD training Create the gimmick in less than 4 minutes Easy to do...virtually self working Resets in 3 seconds Can be performed close up or stand...

Pierced DVD
DVD by Chris Piercy - $30.00

SECURE A PREDICTION A MAGICAL WAY! THEN DO THE IMPOSSIBLE WITH IT!!! Chris Piercy will teach you one of his most popular commercial and powerful routines for the real life working magician. Take a card, fold it up and slam it right inside an inflated balloon! You show it visually and audibly empty,...

Phuzed DVD
DVD by David Loosley - $30.00

A Torn and Restored Card / Scratch Card that has to be seen to be believed!!There is nothing better than a visual Impossibility and Phuzed provides just that. Piece by piece you restore a spectators card right in front of their eyes!! Phuzed is a true piece of astonishment that your spectators will...

iChange Project DVD
iChange Project
DVD by Alakazam UK - $40.00

"A complete sell-out at Magic Live 2009" This effect is without doubt one of the most direct and cleanest cards in pocket transposition effects ever created. From the ingenious mind of Peter Nardi comes a routine that makes the interchange plot cleaner and simpler than any other version previously...

Pen Through Bill DVD
Pen Through Bill
DVD by Fantasma Magic and Magick Balay - $19.95

Over 15 Tricks included. Watch a Pen penetrate a bill WITHOUT leaving a hole!Bonus Trick included: Pen Thru Tongue

Peki's Art of Floating DVD
Peki's Art of Floating
DVD by Peki - $34.95

Peki, a F.I.S.M World Champion, with more than 25 years of professional experience, has performed in more than 50 countries. This DVD features Peki performing and explaining his favorite, professional, close-up floating routines. Peki has studied the art of floating objects for many years and now...

Wings DVD
DVD by Paul Harris and Matthew Mello - $35.00

You show the two little angels printed on the back of your playing card. Separated from each other for almost forever..each angel at opposite ends of the card.. trapped in their dried ink loneliness. But then, a kindly spectator blows them a kiss. There's a moment of stillness...then the angel...

Paul Daniels' Inner Secrets Of Professional Magic DVD
Paul Daniels' Inner Secrets Of Professional Magic
DVD by Paul Daniels - $29.95

Paul Daniels is one of the most successful magicians of all time. He made worldwide headlines with his top rated television shows, extensive live performances and the fortune he acquired through magic. On this instructional DVD Paul teaches you the impromptu routines he uses when meeting people in...

Passing Thru DVD
Passing Thru
DVD by Kevin Parker - $25.00

This instructional video teaches you how to visually push a real coin through the bottom of a real glass bottle, leaving it inside. They watch it melt through the bottle's bottom, leaving your hand and falling into the bottle. They don't see it just 'appear' in the bottle, they watch it melt...

Party Animal DVD
Party Animal
DVD by Matthew Dowden - $54.95

Matthew is a professional Close up Magician and on his debut DVD you will experience some of his LIVE work. There is NO audience setup and NO fake reactions, just the real work in a real world setting. All the routines explained on this DVD have been audience tested over hundreds of performances....

Parakeet Magic DVD
Parakeet Magic
DVD by Dave Womach - $50.00

This is the only DVD in the world that teaches you how to perform parakeet magic, all thoroughly explained by World Class Illusionist Dave Womach. This is a fantastic DVD that will explain everything you need to know about creating and performing a parakeet magic act. Dave Womach shows you how to...

Paper Balls OTH Clark DVD
Paper Balls OTH Clark
DVD by Tony Clark - $30.00

Tony Clark had the privilege of being one of Slydini's last students. One of the most valuable routines he learned was the Paper Balls Over the Head - not only because of it's incredible impact and audience reaction, but also because Tony learned Slydini's most powerful technique in misdirection to...

Papa Rabbit Hits the Big Time DVD
Papa Rabbit Hits the Big Time
DVD by Fooler Doolers - Daryl - $14.95

EffectThe fun begins when a sponge rabbit and a little bird are magically produced. A clean and baffling transposition is followed by a hilarious comedy of errors expose. Mama and Papa rabbits then appear and disappear in the hands of both the magician and the spectator. For an unforgettable...

Palms of Steel 5: Pirates of the Rising Tide DVD
Palms of Steel 5: Pirates of the Rising Tide
DVD by Curtis Kam - $35.00

Curtis Kam's Palms of Steel 5: Pirates of the Rising Tide Firing a shot across the bow of conventional coin magic, Curtis "Captain Morgan" Kam leads a crew of cutthroat coin effects in a broadside attack on the overworked classics. Join him as he rides the tide of bold new magic that shows no mercy...

Palmo DVD
DVD by Duane Laflin - $25.00

Learn how to use a gimmick that is so "old it is new." A palmo opens the door to many clever possibilities in silk magic. What is a palmo? A barrel shaped dye tube that will hold two eighteen inch silks at the same time. It allows you to do a double switch with large silks without switching out...

Page Sponge Balls Patrick Page Volume 5 DVD
Page Sponge Balls Patrick Page Volume 5
DVD by Patrick Page - $12.50

Just about every close-up magician performs with sponge balls but if you only do one routine with them, you're missing a tremendous amount of their magic potential. On this video, Patrick Page brings his decades of knowledge and experience to bear on this classic trick, offering a multitude of...

Page Rope Magic/Magic with Paper Patrick Page Volume 4 DVD
Page Rope Magic/Magic with Paper Patrick Page Volume 4
DVD by Patrick Page - $12.50

If you think you know everything about rope magic, you've never seen Patrick Page! With nothing more than a length of rope and a pair of scissors, Patrick Page will teach you how to entertain in just about every performing situation. Besides the basic Cut and Restored Rope, you'll also learn...

Page Reveal-a-card/Card in Wallet Patrick Page Volume 2 DVD
Page Reveal-a-card/Card in Wallet Patrick Page Volume 2
DVD by Patrick Page - $12.50

A card is selected, returned to the deck and controlled. Now what do you do? What follows is the difference between a magical moment and just another card trick. Here, Patrick Page shares a number of ways to reveal a selected card. Some are humorous, some are dramatic - but all are very...

Page 3-Shell Game/Topit Patrick Page Volume 3 DVD
Page 3-Shell Game/Topit Patrick Page Volume 3
DVD by Patrick Page - $12.50

The classic swindle of the Three-Shell Game has always held a fascination for the public. On this video, Patrick Page teaches you all of the basics, in addition to some more advanced dodges and stratagems, for turning this ancient game into magical entertainment. With nothing more than three walnut...