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Super Tricks/Funny Business Patrick Page Volume 6 DVD
Super Tricks/Funny Business Patrick Page Volume 6
DVD by Patrick Page - $12.50

Patrick Page has been called a walking encyclopedia of magic and on this video extravaganza, he shows why. You'll find powerful, commercial ideas for cards, coins, balls, thimbles, rope and more, all delivered in Patrick Page's inimitable style. There's magic here for all interest and skill levels...

Packs Small Plays Massive Volume 2 DVD
Packs Small Plays Massive Volume 2
DVD by Jamie Allen - $30.00

Welcome to 'Packs Small - Plays Massive Vol.2', the brilliant new DVD from Jamie Allen. Take your close-up magic to the next level and a whole new audience. Bigger crowds, bigger money and bigger successes will follow if you apply some of the routines and ideas that Jamie teaches on this DVD. Best...

Packs Small Plays Massive Volume 1 DVD
Packs Small Plays Massive Volume 1
DVD by Jamie Allen - $30.00

Welcome to 'Packs Small - Plays Massive Vol.1', the brilliant new DVD from Jamie Allen. Take your close-up magic to the next level and a whole new audience. Bigger crowds, bigger money and bigger successes will follow if you apply some of the routines and ideas that Jamie teaches on this DVD. Best...

Pabular Volume 3 DVD
Pabular Volume 3
DVD by Wild-Colombini Magic - $10.00

The English magazine Pabular was first published in 1974 by Nick Bolton and ran for just over eight exciting volumes. It was mainly edited by the well respected Fred Robinson (later by Walt Lees and Stephen Tucker) and the art editor throughout was the talented Eric Mason. The contributors include:...

Outside The Conventional DVD
Outside The Conventional
DVD by Christopher Taylor - $43.75

It's time to bring something different to the table!Outside the Conventional is the first DVD set from Inner Mind Productions that features a guest performer. Canada's Christopher Taylor is the author to two best selling books on the subject of Bizarre/ Mystic Mental Magic as well as the inventor...

Out Of The Routine DVD
Out Of The Routine
DVD by John Van Der Put - $13.35

Nine routines taken directly from the award-winning repertoire of contemporary magician John van der Put, including: Smoked - A chosen and marked cigarette rises eerily from a borrowed packet in the spectator's hand before leaping clean out of the pack. Smoking kills, and with this effect, you can...

Origami Effect DVD
Origami Effect
DVD by Andrew Mayne - $20.00

Instantly turn a slip of paper into the origami shape of the animal a person is visualizing in their mind. Turn a borrowed bill into a butterfly. Tear up a newspaper and produce an animated origami rabbit. Andrew Mayne presents The Origami Effect; powerful, visual magic that lets you give form to...

Open Traveller DVD
Open Traveller
DVD by David Acer - $30.00

In the Fall of 2002, David Acer embarked on a multi-city tour, beginning in Edmonton, Alberta, where he and magician/comedian Rick Bronson were asked to consult for and perform at the Edmonton Oilers Home Opener vs. The Philadelphia Flyers. This DVD begins three days before the game and takes you...

Oops Deck DVD
Oops Deck
DVD by Michael Daniels - $34.95

Now Here, as introduced in Antinomy Magazine: The Oops! DeckA unique torn and restored card routine...and much more. They WILL remember this one! Your spectator will be left with a signed and restored card unlike anything they have ever seen. Oops! is not limited to T&R effects. There are...

One Eyed Jack DVD
One Eyed Jack
DVD by Corey Burke - $19.95

EffectSeven effects sure to devastate your audiences. Here's a peek at what's inside: DLS - A sandwich effect sure to satisfy their appetite for incredible card magic. JJ - Two cards to pocket, no palming-enough said. DLT - A sandwich effect with a kicker ending sure to leave them stunned. JJF -...

On The Spot DVD
On The Spot
DVD by Gregory Wilson - $49.95

On The Spot is a guerilla course in performing impromptu magic. Get ready to experience Greg's on-site, out-of-sight insights for real people, in real life with real off the cuff fun!Imagine showing up at your next gig with no tricks in your pocket. That's right, no tricks! This video...

On the Mark 1  with DVD DVD
On the Mark 1 with DVD
DVD by Mark Elsdon - $77.55

Note: Please note this is the large Jacket pocket style wallet Alakazam are happy to offer you Mark Elsdon's reputation making named card in wallet effect, "On The Mark".A few years ago Mark Elsdon released a limited number of "On The Mark" and they sold out in just a few days. We at...

On and Off Stage DVD
On and Off Stage
DVD by Mark Shortland - $50.50

Mark Shortland is in demand as a comedy magician all over the world.His performances are captivating, hilarious, entertaining but also incredibly baffling!For the first time on DVD you can learn the routines that have taken Mark to 32 different countries and won him twelve national and...

DVD by Flip Disc Productions - $110.00

The most fool proof version of Russian Roulette ever.A member of the audience examines a die then rolls it on the table. The magician explains there is a danger hidden beneath one of the cups. The magician smashes all but one cup with his open palm as directed by the roll of the die. The spectator...

Old School Kranzo DVD
Old School Kranzo
DVD by Nathan Kranzo - $35.00

Here it is! A FULL Kranzo lecture filmed from START to finish. This is all OLD SCHOOL Kranzo. In 2001 Nathan Kranzo lectured for a sold old lecture in Dallas, TX. This is the only proof. The original lost VHS was discovered and converted. IT IS NOW available on DVD for the first time in over A...

Okito Coin Box  One Dollar DVD
Okito Coin Box One Dollar
DVD by Marcelo Insua and Tango - $48.00

Perform the traditional Okito box miracles with the biggest coins. In addition to the finely crafted box you will also find the Tangopedia DVD and the quality of Tango Magic.EffectThe magician shows a coin and a box Okito. He puts the coin inside the box and the lid, He waves the box to try that...

Off the Cuff DVD
Off the Cuff
DVD by Greg Wilson - $35.00

Have you ever needed to make a big impression but left all your big impression stuff at home? Well, worry no more. Using ordinary objects that are readily available, you'll learn these simple, yet stunning effects.Something For Nothing: A trick with nothing... that's really something.Recap: An...

Odd Quad DVD
Odd Quad
DVD by Daryl - $12.95

A triple climax routine with a Technicolor finish! Effect: Four aces are shown and one is selected by a spectator. The chosen ace is shown to be "odd" because it's the only RED backed card in the BLUE backed packet! A different ace is chosen and this second selection now becomes the new "odd" card...

DVD by Aaron Patterson - $11.65

From the creator of Icarus Effect comes this thought provoking, imagination capturing endeavor that will change the way your audience perceives you. Aaron Paterson has once again released one of his most closely guarded secrets to the magic world. Imagine this... A spectator's business card is...

Numismatic DVD
DVD by Tim David - $24.95

"The slickest, most magical version of the 'coin through glass table' plot available to date, hands down."- Shane, Effect Borrow a coin, have it marked, and drop it somewhere near the center of an unprepared glass table. Show both hands cleanly and clearly empty. Press on the...

No Camera Tricks DVD
No Camera Tricks
DVD by Richard Osterlind - $99.95

What magic and mentalism on television should look like! This incredible DVD set features Richard Osterlind as the star of three simulated television shows. Watch Richard dazzle the audience with real-time, mind-boggling mysteries and, as the title of the set implies, there are absolutely no camera...

Ninja + Volume 3 DVD
Ninja + Volume 3
DVD by Matthew Garrett - $35.00

Volume 3 Chapters: Intro Showcase Crash Linking Other Objects Multiple Rings Polo Mints Polo Crash Palm Link Polo Drop Link Polo Finish Reusing The Broken Polo Impromptu Polos Polo Drop Link Variation Competition Set-Up Polo Demo Switch In Moves Switch Out Move Reversing Switch In Bottle Link With...

Night and Day DVD
Night and Day
DVD by Alan Rorrison - $30.00

Two stunning glass penetration effects that look like trick photography! 'Dark as Night' is a coin through glass that would have looked at home in 'The Matrix'. A borrowed and signed coin is touched to the bottom of a drinking glass where, in a moment of pure visual clarity, it appears to melt...

New York Coin Seminar Volume 9: Much More DVD
New York Coin Seminar Volume 9: Much More
DVD by Various - $35.00

Much More, the title of volume 9! David Roth performs and explains his own, unpublished version of the Nest of Boxes, with the classic Roth touch, and for the first time on any DVD, performs his Deep Back Clip Coins Across that should give thrills for the guys looking for knuckle busting stuff. Dr....

New York Coin Seminar Volume 7: Productions DVD
New York Coin Seminar Volume 7: Productions
DVD by David Roth, Michael Rubinstein, Geoff Latta and Michael Gallo - $35.00

PRODUCTIONS AND VANISHES begins with a a surprise - a routine with cards by David Roth, called Coin Cut. Mike Gallo teaches one of the routines he has been doing for over 30 years, The Pocket Counterfeiter. Circles is Gallo's take on Bob Fitch's routine. Dr. Michael Rubinstein offers his renditon...