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Monty the Spiv DVD
Monty the Spiv
DVD by Matthew Garrett - $30.00

The effect is you open a brand new deck of cards. You show the card in their new deck order. You shuffle and cut the pack and then tell a story using the cards. Despite the shuffles and repeated cutting of the cards throughout the routine all the cards turn up at the correct place in the story....

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Friend - Volume2 DVD
Friend - Volume2
DVD by Bruno Copin - $140.00

Final DVD in a 2 Volume series of original close-up effects created by Bruno Copin. All of the effects in these DVDs are accompanied by specially composed music. The explanations are specially filmed in interactive multiangles. Highly Didactic. Specific materials have been supplied with the DVDs....

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Bloom Moon DVD
Bloom Moon
DVD by Gaetan Bloom - $30.00

Includes original lecture network news and featuresHosted by Jeff HobsonIn-Depth explanationsSeven amazing stage and close-up effects:The Standing CardFishy GameTwo Sponge BallsThe IntercessorSalami SliceQuarteThe Lasso Card

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Incredible Self Working Card Tricks Volume 2 DVD
Incredible Self Working Card Tricks Volume 2
DVD by Michael Maxwell - $35.00

Best selling author, DVD producer and all-around swell guy, Michael Maxwell, has painstakingly researched and compiled what he considers to be the most amazing "self working card tricks," ever created - amazing tricks requiring No Skill! These are killer card tricks to have in your arsenal for...

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On the Mark 2  with DVD DVD
On the Mark 2 with DVD
DVD by Mark Elsdon - $77.55

Note: Please note this is the Smaller Hip pocket style wallet Alakazam are happy to offer you Mark Elsdon's reputation making named card in wallet effect, "On The Mark".A few years ago Mark Elsdon released a limited number of "On The Mark" and they sold out in just a few days. We at Alakazam Magic...

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X Finger DVD
X Finger
DVD by Geoff Webb - $20.00

Imagine being able to show your hand completely empty, then borrow a pen and write the word coin on your finger. With the shake of your hand the word coin transforms into a real coin. Or you approach a group of spectators show your hand to have nothing on it and suddenly your name appears on your...

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Award Winning Card Magic of Martin Nash - A-1 Volume 2, DVD DVD
Award Winning Card Magic of Martin Nash - A-1 Volume 2, DVD
DVD by Martin Nash - $34.95

Martin A. Nash, "The Charming Cheat," is one of the top cardmen in the world. For years, he has been one of the most popular performers in the Magic Castle's Close-Up showroom and his technical ability and routining are unsurpassed. On this five-volume set of videos, Martin tips the real work on...

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Ultra Cervon Volume 1 - Bruce Cervon DVD
Ultra Cervon Volume 1 - Bruce Cervon
DVD by Bruce Cervon - $35.00

Professional Material For The Working Magician Bruce Cervon is one of the finest and most successful professional magicians in America. He makes an excellent living by entertaining at exclusive social parties and the world's most luxurious hospitality suites. On these exceptional DVDs, Bruce...

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Burning Up DVD
Burning Up
DVD by Nathan Kranzo - $35.00

 The following 5 tricks are performed and explained in detail on this DVD... Tip Trey Visual card magic at it's best! Inspired by Karell Fox and Gaeton Bloom, this is one of the most amazing and EASY card supsensions you will ever see. Homing Tie At the end of a...

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Mark Raffles: The Legacy DVD
Mark Raffles: The Legacy
DVD by Mark Raffles - $45.00

Join the world's number one pickpocket in this limited edition collector's DVD. For the first time on DVD Mark Raffles reveals his entire act...A show that inspired a generation. Contents: - A history of the act - Mark explains how it all began. - Archive footage featuring rare tv clips... The...

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Urban DVD
DVD by Richard Bellars - $35.25

It's time to hit the streets...The Urban Magician presents URBAN a brand new DVD by Richard Bellars.Richard is fast becoming one of the most requested Magicians to perform at the top celebrity parties. His no nonsense, high impact approach to Magic leaves any spectator speechless.On this DVD you...

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Digital Graffiti DVD
Digital Graffiti
DVD by David Peck - $30.62

The Sleight Of Hand Of David Peck!David Peck is an award winning Canadian magician, public speaker, and lecturer. Digital Graffiti is David's first DVD release. The material spans over twenty years of performing for magicians and lay audiences alike. He has written for and appeared in such...

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Time and Space DVD
Time and Space
DVD by Justin Miller - $30.00

"What could take your audience through time and space, and then be able to give them a tangible piece of their journey to keep forever?"From the creator of some of the best-selling DVDs like SILVER DREAM and X-MARKS THE SPOT. Justin Miller, comes one of the most time altering effects of...

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Fully Loaded DVD
Fully Loaded
DVD by Chris Webb and Gareth Shoulder - $30.00

The card to envelope has always been a favorite for all magicians. With this you will get 5 solid routines and extra ideas and tips. Gareth has taken this effect and kept it simple but still made it as magical as possible. "Direct and simple in a world of over gimmicked magic. I love it."- Alan...

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Return of the Big Flap DVD
Return of the Big Flap
DVD by Titanas and Chris Webb - $11.95

No threads and elastics because old school is the way!Imagine you show any bill or banknote of any value and a playing card which is chosen and marked. In full view with no switches instantly the card changes into the bill and the bill into the card. Give the signed card out as a souvenir! The...

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Wonderrings DVD
DVD by Dijkman - $19.95

This is not just a trick, but a complete little magic act - an act that, without exaggeration, puts all the other tricks of its type in the shade. The magician allows the audience to examine 3 large metal rings, a smaller ring, a white rope and a red piece of cord. He then strings one of the larger...

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Celltic DVD
DVD by David Kemsley - $29.95

From the creative mind of David Kemsley comes Celltic. This effect brings magic and modern technology together and makes the perfect trick for any situation. Any time & Anywhere. Let your mobile phone find the chosen card! Yes, your phone. This really is an amazing trick that will shock. It...

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The Al Schneider Technique - Vol 2: Close-up DVD
The Al Schneider Technique - Vol 2: Close-up
DVD by Al Schneider - $35.00

More than just a collection of tricks, the material demonstrated and taught in the second volume of Al Schneider's landmark video series could easily form the backbone of an entire close-up act! Master any of these magical showpieces and you'll quickly earn a reputation for performing...

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Virtual Magic Pro DVD
Virtual Magic Pro
DVD by Benjamin Vianney - $35.00

Perform some magic with your iphone, and open the door to a brand new and imaginative magic. Do you own an Iphone ? Then turn it into your own assistant, and let your audience experience effects that were impossible before.Now creator Benjamin Vianney is coming to you with a powerful weapon.This...

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Expansion Pack  for Limitless DVD
Expansion Pack for Limitless
DVD by Peter Nardi - $30.75

Queen of Hearts Reload Pack for Limitless."For years I have been playing with ways to psychologically implant a card in my spectators mind. I now believe I have created the perfect method"- Peter NardiLimitless allows you to do just that, and the best bit? Your spectator will believe they had a...

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