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Flash Wand Accessory
Flash Wand
Accessory by Alan Wong - $29.95

Produce a spark when you wave your magic wand! This is all self-contained in a plastic magic wand installed with a super bright white LED light, with press switch operation and powered by a built in rechargeable lithium ion battery to produce that powerful flash. Looks...

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Silk To Frog Trick
Silk To Frog
Trick by Alan Wong - $10.00

Magician (You) bring out a small green silk. Ask the spectator to think if a small green animal from a pond that starts with the letter 'F' Most people will say FROG and then you push the silk into the fist. Cup your hands together and peep in between your fingers pretending you...

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Sponge Pills Accessory
Sponge Pills
Accessory by Alan Wong - $15.00

A magic pill that people have always asked for! Produce it in your show and add it to your routines! This is a magic pill that can do anything you want:  A happy pill A laughing pill An applause attraction pill Changing a bill into a pill Multiplying pills A...

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Sponge Viagra Accessory
Sponge Viagra
Accessory by Alan Wong - $15.50

This Jumbo Sponge Viagra has the same shape as a Viagra pill. Easy to Palm (grab) even with a small hand.

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No Tear Pad XL (Tear/No Tear Alternating/ 50) Accessory
No Tear Pad XL (Tear/No Tear Alternating/ 50)
Accessory by Alan Wong - $24.95

Perfect for a "Do As I Do" routine and so much more. Includes a complete professional routine. Dimensions Approximately: 8.5" x 11" (60 page pad - 30 pairs of tear/no tear)

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Sponge Bananas Accessory
Sponge Bananas
Accessory by Alan Wong - $10.00

These foam bananas will leave your audience roaring with laughter! Turn one banana to two bananas. A great finish for any sponge prop act, the foam banana is definitely a crowd-pleaser.  This new medium sponge bananas set contains two medium sized sponge bananas that are perfect...

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Sponge Lady Bugs Accessory
Sponge Lady Bugs
Accessory by Alan Wong - $15.95

Many people are fond of ladybugs because of their colorful, spotted appearance. Now you can do regular sponge balls magic with these cute little sponge ladybugs and build immediate rapport with your audience!Kids love them! They don't roll off tables! Create your own ladybug story and do some magic...

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Flash Pen Accessory
Flash Pen
Accessory by Alan Wong - $45.00

Finally, an alternative to FISM Flash without the bulky and burdensome hook-up under your shirt.With the simple push of a button, you provide a sudden burst of light to enhance a disappearance, reappearance, transposition, transformation and many other special effects.Flash Pen comes with a...

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Throw Streamers White (10 Pack) Accessory
Throw Streamers White (10 Pack)
Accessory by Alan Wong - $29.95

These are utility throw streamers for stage performance at an affordable price yet comes packed with a big load. Each throw streamer contains 30 heads of weighted coil each measures over 15 feet in length. Will add instant climax to any shows as your opening or closing effect. Also...

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Magnetic Cane Holder Accessory
Magnetic Cane Holder
Accessory by Alan Wong - $29.95

The magnetic cane holder is a secret utility item worn as a belt clip and designed mainly for cane workers with the following features: Steel spring clip securely worn on your belt under your jacket, or attach to any thin table edge or case Super strong nickel cadmium magnet 30 x...

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Sponge Mushrooms Accessory
Sponge Mushrooms
Accessory by Alan Wong - $18.00

Totally new and hilarious sponge magic. Comes with two (2) sponge magic mushrooms and assessories. Dimension Approximately 2" x 2" (5.08cm x 5.08cm)

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