Why we Think Theory11 Makes the Best Custom Playing Cards (and the Best Place to Buy Them)

While the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) or Cartamundi may be the biggest manufacturers of playing cards in the world, they aren’t the only players in the game. In fact, the surge in popularity of deck collecting and cardistry has led to a massive community of playing card designers and creators making their own playing cards. None are bigger than theory11 though—the largest producer of custom luxury playing cards.

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What is theory11?

Theory11 (correctly written with a lowercase “t’ when it doesn’t start a sentence) was launched in 2007 by CEO Jonathan Bayme. After graduating high school two years early, the magic-obsessed Bayme had already built a name for himself producing projects for some of the biggest names in magic and mentalism. He leveraged these contacts and the knowledge he gained to found theory11 alongside 11 of magic’s most influential artists.

Operating under the mantra “to advance, inspire and create wonder”, theory11 has evolved into one of the largest communities of magic creators. Purposely breaking corny magician stereotypes, this slick brand caters to a younger demographic that likes street magic, close up magic and cardistry.

young magician performs cardistry flourishes and spreads

Bayme did not want theory11 to just be another place for beginner magicians and professional magicians to buy magic tricks though. So, theory11 also offers an array of other lucrative ventures and consulting services like creating magic for movies, tv and stage.

These efforts are led by a group of industry-leading designers, creators and editors. Current and former members of theory11 team include the star of the hit Netflix show Magic for Humans Justin Willman, America’s Got Talent Semi Finalist Blake Vogt (who also was the magic consultant for Paul Rudd in Marvel’s Ant-Man), Executive Producer for David Copperfield Chris Kenner, YouTube star and award-winning Mentalist Spidey, and “The Millionaire’s Magician” Steve Cohen (star of one of best magic shows in New York City—Chamber Magic).

Theory11 has also produced its own full magic shows, including the “The Magician” at the NoMad Hotel. This NYC parlor magic show has been a massive success since launching in 2015. It has welcomed countless celebrity guests and has been featured in Vanity Fair, The Wall Street Journal, The Today Show and other major outlets. It’s star, professional magician Dan White, is also the favorite magician of Jimmy Fallon and has made numerous appearances on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. (Dan White also helped create magic for Kanye West during his “Yeezus” tour.)

dan white magician at the nomad in new york city

While their magic tricks and magic shows are great, theory11 is best known for producing the largest lineup of luxury, designer playing cards. Their playing card library is filled with dozens of one-of-a-kind playing card designs that have pushed the envelope and changed the course for the history of playing cards.

Are theory11 Cards Good?

What makes a theory11 deck of cards so special is their ability to cater to all audiences, from magicians to cardists, collectors, poker players and everyone in-between. Through partnerships with worldwide renowned brands like James Bond, Harry Potter and Star Wars, they’ve been able to bring their unique decks of cards into the mainstream.

They have never lost sight of their core audience though. Every deck of theory11 playing cards is designed with performing the most popular card magic tricks and learning cardistry flourishes in mind. From their lavish design to their ideal handling, theory11 custom playing cards are some of the finest available today. Even world famous magician David Blaine has touted their premium quality.

As a result of these strategic partnerships and superior quality, theory11 has been able to break into a space that was once only occupied by the most popular playing cards in the world—Bicycle Playing Cards—and other USPCC and Cartamundi signature playing cards. You can now find popular theory11 playing cards in major retailers like Barnes and Noble and Walgreens, or even on the shelves of big box retailers like Target.

Best theory11 Playing Cards

Monarch Playing Cards

Monarch playing cards, the playing cards used in the movie Now You See Me

“Monarch Playing Cards” are theory11’s signature deck of cards. Named #1 deck of cards in the GQ Holiday Gift Guide, these luxurious premium playing cards are fit for a king—while being offered at a price anyone can afford. They are preferred by card flourishers, magicians, and poker players looking for a stylish alternative to Bicycle Playing Cards.

The faces feature enhanced versions of standard playing card symbols. This allows “Monarch Playing Cards” to maintain their practicality for the best card magic tricks and card games with a regular deck of cards. In addition to the gorgeous back design, there are also light modifications throughout the deck that amplify the overall beauty (including a fully custom Ace of Spades).

This sophisticated aesthetic is enhanced by the stunning foiled and embossed tuck box. Each deck is also printed on sustainable paper with a premium casino-quality feel. With multiple colors available, there is a deck of “Monarch Playing Cards” for everyone.

Do "Monarch Playing Cards" look familiar to you? They were the same playing cards used in the movie "Now You See Me" by Jesse Eisenberg, Morgan Freeman, Woody Harrelson and other members of the cast.

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Citizen Playing Cards

Citizen playing cards luxury custom playing cards from theory11

The “Citizens Deck” is another longtime favorite of theory11 fans. Its luxurious design features a level of intricacy unlike any other ordinary deck of cards. Handcrafted to perfection, no detail has been spared in the design of these playing cards.

As the first deck of theory11 playing cards to combine gold and bronze foiling on the tuck box, these jaw-dropping playing cards look like a rare treasure in your collection (assuming you’ve already learned how to display your playing card collection and the best ways to store your playing cards). Even the interior of the box features a foiled pattern to add an extra layer of luxury.

The modified faces perfectly match the remarkable back design, without compromising their usability. Even the Jokers have been reimagined (although some people may wonder why do playing cards have Jokers in the first place). They also handle like a dream with every shuffle, card spring, flourish or basic card sleight.

Garnering rave reviews since being launched, “Citizens Playing Cards” are highly recommended for any magician, cardist or deck collector.

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Star Wars Playing Cards

custom star wars playing cards from theory11

Much of theory11’s meteoric rise to the top of the world of playing cards can be attributed to the strategic partnerships they’ve been able to foster with iconic brands. The pinnacle of this was “Star Wars Playing Cards”. This officially licensed unique Star Wars memorabilia has achieved massive mainstream success and is one of the best-selling playing cards you can buy.

Launched in honor of the release of Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker (the final film in the Skywalker era), these breathtaking custom decks of cards are considered by deck collectors to be a must-have in any playing card collection. There are blue “Star Wars Light Side Playing Cards” and red “Star Wars Dark Side Playing Cards” (special collectable “Silver Edition Star Wars Playing Cards” are also available for the most serious collectors). Each deck of cards offers its own unique back design and a custom-illustrated set of court cards highlighting your favorite Star Wars characters and moments.

The “Star Wars Light Side Playing Cards” are centered around rebel and resistance hero themes like Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Rey and even R2-D2. While the evil “Star Wars Dark Side Playing Cards” features a menacing array of evil detailing like the Death Star, Galactic Empire and, of course, Darth Vader.

All “Star Wars Playing Cards” come sealed in a gorgeous embossed and foiled tuck box. They’re also printed on exceptional paper that is environmentally friendly without sacrificing functionality. So, while “Star Wars Playing Cards” are clearly a great gift for Star Wars fans, they also offer the performance and handling needed for learning easy card tricks or playing your favorite family game night card games.

For the biggest fans of the Star Wars, “The Mandalorian Playing Cards” are also available.

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James Bond 007 Playing Cards

large image of James bond playing cards for sale

In honor of the 25th James Bond movie—No Time to Die—theory11 crafted a custom deck of cards that perfectly embodies the suave sophistication of James Bond. The intricate gold foiling and 3D embossing on the ultra-lux tuck case commands attention before you even open the deck of cards.

Inside, you’ll find an amazing deck of cards that has been customized from front to back with an elegant James Bond theme. Tributes to all your favorite James Bond movies have been masterfully integrated into the custom artwork, from the pen grenade from GoldenEye to the ski pole gun from The Spy Who Loved Me and, of course, James Bond’s beloved Walther PPK.

Made in America on premium quality stock, “James Bond Playing Cards" are the perfect gift for James Bond fans, playing card collectors or magicians.

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The Beatles Playing Cards

the beatles playing cards from theory11 large image

Just like The Beatles revolutionized music, theory11 has revolutionized the world of custom playing cards. So, it’s only fitting that the creator of the world’s finest playing cards would pay tribute to the most influential band of all time with an absolutely incredible deck of custom playing cards.

Every detail of “The Beatles Playing Cards” has been custom designed to honor the persisting legacy of The Beatles. Four different versions were created, each with a unique card box inspired by the iconic cover of the famous Beatles record “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”. The colors and design represent the vibrant marching band uniforms worn by Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Star.

With jaw-dropping colored foil accents and multi-level embossing, these are the most eye-popping tuck boxes theory11 has ever produced. They can stand out on their own or work together in a stunning collection.

These premium playing cards are designed for card games, card tricks, card collecting and even cardistry. Their unique design is inspired by popular Beatles songs from “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” to “Blackbird” and “Eleanor Rigby”.

Looking for a gift for someone that loves The Beatles? You can’t find anything better than “The Beatles Playing Cards.”

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Harry Potter Playing Cards

harry potter playing cards for fans of harry potter

Lumos… Expelliarmus… Wingardium Leviosa…

While the Harry Potter books and movies are filled with iconic spells, none of that magic is needed to make you fall in love with the incredible “Harry Potter Playing Cards.”

These officially licensed Harry Potter collectibles are a must-have for any fan of Harry Potter. All of the Hogwarts houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin) are represented in the four unique versions. You can choose your favorite or own the complete collection.

Use these unique playing cards for your favorite card games (just be advised that the magic design won’t help you cheat at cards), or to amaze your friends with easy card tricks. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is brought to life every time you break out a custom deck of Harry Potter playing cards. You’ll love reliving all your favorite moments from the Sorcerer’s Stone to the Deathly Hallows, and the tributes to your favorite Harry Potter characters from Harry himself to Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Voldemort, Snape and others.

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