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Appearing Wand Trick
Appearing Wand
Trick by The Essel Magic - 15.00

A magician should always have a magic wand on hand, and with this one, you'll always be ready to make a wand appear instantly at your command! Buy...

Jumping Rising Twirling Wand Trick
Jumping Rising Twirling Wand
Trick by The Essel Magic - 5.00

If you need a wand with a little extra magic already included, check out this wand! It rises into the air, starts whirling, and then shoots up into...

CITRUS: The Next Generation Trick
CITRUS: The Next Generation
Trick by Nourdine - 69.95

Don't worry about preparing your lemons ahead of time anymore for your Bill to Lemon effect. Citrus: The Next Generation makes those procedures...

Indian Sweet Vase Trick
Indian Sweet Vase
Trick by Mr. Magic - 25.00

This switching device is brimming with possibilities. Transform silks to crayons, sawdust to wood, or anything else you can dream up! Your audience...

A Magic Variety Show Book
A Magic Variety Show
Book by Eric Hawkesworth - 9.95

If you need a source for some different types of magic not covered in other texts, try Eric Hawkesworth's A Magic Variety Show!Eric shows you how...

Night Club Dove Vanish Trick
Night Club Dove Vanish
Trick by Mr. Magic - 120.00

An astounding disappearance. You place a live dove inside a beautifully decorated box. Moments afterwards, pull the box apart to show that the dove...

Disecto Arm Chopper Painted Trick
Disecto Arm Chopper Painted
Trick by Mr. Magic - 74.95

This beautifully painted apparatus is ready to go for the classic chopping effect.A spectator can feel the blade, see the blade chop through a...

Lota Bowl Aluminum Trick
Lota Bowl Aluminum
Trick by The Essel Magic - 19.95

It seems like no matter how many times you empty it, it's ready to deliver water again. This small Lota bowl seems to hold all the water in the...

Silk Off Hanger Trick
Silk Off Hanger
Trick by The Essel Magic - 35.00

The Acrobatic Silks just got an upgrade for modern times! Now you can perform it with the silks tied to a coat hanger!This classic works just as...

Twin Tube Production Trick
Twin Tube Production
Trick by The Essel Magic - 80.00

Two effects in one, a combination of the classic Square Circle Production and Multiplying Bottles.  You can present two cylinders as completely...

P&L Goblin Phantom Tube Trick
P&L Goblin Phantom Tube
Trick by Zanadu - 24.95

A perplexing and visual appearance your audiences will love. A tube is shown empty and then small pieces of tissue are placed over each end, one at a...

Magic Tea Pot Trick
Magic Tea Pot
Trick by The Essel Magic - 45.00

It looks like a normal teapot, but what until you see what it can do. You'll be able to fill five glasses with its contents, but each glass will fill...

DVD by Rand Woodbury-Illusionworks Publications - 29.95

If you enjoy performing the iconic and comedic Balls Over The Head, then check out BALLS by Rand Woodbury.Rand has truly taken this classic effect...

Rapture DVD
DVD by Fraser Parker and Ross Taylor - 67.95

In their DVD debut, Ross and Fraser bring you some of their favorite methods and even unreleased material. Get ready for the Rapture!This superlative...

Horace Bennett's Prize Winning Magic  edited Book
Horace Bennett's Prize Winning Magic edited
Book by Hugh Miller - 19.95

Horace Bennett's Prize Winning Magic is difficult to find, but it's packed with classic routines, clever handling, and amazingly routined...

Your Mind is Still My Playground Book
Your Mind is Still My Playground
Book by Vincent Hedan - 44.95

If you love mentalism that blows spectators' minds, then look no further than Your Mind is Still My Playground. This French national champion...

Drop Down Mirror Box - Large Trick
Drop Down Mirror Box - Large
Trick by Ickle Pickle Products Inc. - 390.00

If you need a beautiful production device that leaves you "clean", the Drop Down Mirror Box is the illusion for you. Show nothing in the box, close...

Mirror Goblet Trick
Mirror Goblet
Trick by Amazo Magic - 49.95

This classic apparatus is ready to help you perform some of the most amazing switches your audience has seen!Turn liquids into silk streamers,...

Conjuring Book
Book by Eric Hawkesworth - 14.95

This is a great collection of magic for any stand-up performer. You'll learn productions, cards, mentalism and so much more!With so many different...

Mainly Manipulative Magic Book
Mainly Manipulative Magic
Book by John Alborough - 24.95

A classic manipulation text that should be in your collection. Included are The Color-Changing Penknives, Red and Green Paddles, Bold Goldfish,...

Introducing Bill's Magic Book
Introducing Bill's Magic
Book by W. G. Stickland - 35.00

If you are looking for a book packed with parlor and stage magic for a family audience, then you'll love Introducing Bill's Magic.  This...

David Penn's Beer Bottle Production Trick
David Penn's Beer Bottle Production
Trick by David Penn - 30.00

If you have ever had a bottle of beer appear in front of you, you know how unexpected and shocking it can be for spectators. You also know that...

Cardiographic Lite Refill Trick
Cardiographic Lite Refill
Trick by Martin Lewis - 25.00

The classic effect has now gotten smaller and more portable, but still packs its very sizeable punch for audiences. Welcome to Cardiographic...

Billy Benbow's Best Book
Billy Benbow's Best
Book by Bill Lainsbury - 5.00

Not many books contain material that is for family-friendly audiences, but Billy Benbow's Best does just that! This volume is full of comedy,...

Silk to Egg PRO Trick
Silk to Egg PRO
Trick by Joao Miranda - 59.95

The classic Silk to Egg has just been upgraded for the modern stage by João Miranda! Welcome to Silk to Egg Pro, which contains a...

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